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Which is the Best Option?

Mercenary Katarina! 3 6.38%
High Command Katarina! 17 36.17%
Bilgewater Katarina! 9 19.15%
Wait for a Sale, then buy one! 7 14.89%
Leave it be, they aren't worth the RP! 11 23.4%
Voters 47 .

The Best Katarina Skin?

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Zerathos Dagon



Hello there,

I have recently bought Katarina, and I really like her, especially her ultimate and Shunpo. So, I have some spare RP left, and am thinking of buying a skin for her.

However, as I looked through her *available* skins, I saw that only "Mercenary Katarina", "High Command Katarina" and "Bilgewater Katarina" are available.

If "Kitty Cat Katarina" was still available, I would've gone for that one immediately. But since that one is not available anymore, I'm not so sure what skin to buy, or to even buy a skin for her at all.

Imo, the skins mentioned above look... Unworthy... Yet not so bad as to not consider them options at all... I guess that's the best way I can explain it. :S

I really am at a loss here, so I really needed to ask you guys(/girls :P) what you think.

Greetz, Zerathos

PS: I kind of have the exact same problem with another champion I really like, Miss Fortune. Which of her skins is the best? Or should i just leave her at her classic skin?

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MMG Guffaz

Senior Member


DOnt waste your RP on kata skins, also Waterloo MF is nice.

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Katarina's best is High Command and MF's best is Secret Agent (without that retarded hat)