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TT Objectives - prioritization

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I have a question related to some prioritization of the objectives. Let's take this scenario. We are in general in the game behind the opponent. We have all top turrets but on bot we don't have inhibitor and super minions are in the entrance to base on bot. Enemy team is gathering close to top to take the first top turret. What should we do in this situation? Defend top turret and leave bot? Split and try to defend top 2vs3 and 1 clear super minions bot? Go all bot and leave top turret? What are you suggestions?
On the below graphic I have pointed out an example.
With green are marked turrets not destroyed. On red are marked destroyed turrets. On yellow super minions.

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You should let them take the outer turret and then turtle under the inhib turrets if they try to push that one down. Keep sending someone with fast waveclear bot to clear the superminions. The distance is not so far that if they dive the 2 under the inhib turret the 3rd member can join the fight quickly. You either turtle until your inhib respawns at which point you can safely leave the base to pick favourable teamfights or until they dive you under your inhib turret at which point you can try to win a fight with the help of the turret.