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Baker Pantheon Suggestion

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Im just a supporter, the idea isnt from me. The following quotes arent too.
Baker Pantheon, wirh a french bread as weapon.
Some quotes:
"They will embrace the art of food!"
"Consider it done." oven timer ding
"With pride..and spices."
"My bread is restless." (If he had french/italian bread for a spear)
"Baking compels me!"
"They will know food." (or: "They will eat food.&quot
Some ideas for quotes. I've been supporting Baker Pantheon and it fits quite well with Sinful Succulence Morgana. Have his shield be pizza (maybe with a slice missing) and the spear be a giant roll of bread. He can wear an apron with some chef pants; perhaps a chef top as well under the apron. Same old helmet too, since we'll probably never see his face. Maybe a chef hat on top of the helmet? .. That's probably pushing it.
This needs to happen!

Cazmodan - 12 months ago