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The frozen Hourglass.

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Care to know the void ?give s you power immense power below the worlds and above it’s the nothing that the world once were a timeless prison for who possess the greed to behold great power only to create a hole of emptiness in them to be never filled .They were once lost ..in their sea of void that is only filled by sins ,boredom and hideous looking creatures.
A gate has opened between the sandy walls in a temple in Shurima they didn’t take long to adapt as they were once here before .The first gate was held open there centuries ago by the great emperor Azir .he thought none could stop him that he was so powerful he conquered all the lands he knew ,and so he made a temple created hole in time that the timeless worlds opened like the vault of hell worse ..nothingness .Kassadin the preserver the one that made his duty keep this world banished failed to the vault ,there were too much emptiness within those creature within the void that was too powerful for him to hold .He the one that had the only noble emptiness to do the right thing .
A purple gate swallowed the columns of the temple, disappeared in the purple many creeps came in but azir had his soldiers of the sand fighting them off with their spears and they shall not stop even with heads decapitated kept fighting on and on there was no sound .quietness through the piercing screech even the sand shuddered coming out of the purple hole between the worlds a foul creature with no eyes the sides red tissue is the only thing remaining of her jaw with two big teeth attacked to the end with her four upper teeth having shell for a skin ,inversed triangle as head with two horns flattened as an extension to the start gum .Ran over the soldiers like ants with his eight legs and tail mashing them sands in the air heading for the emperor to be fed on but he wouldn’t stand a lose sending his soldiers thru the air making a pattern to pull him back to his throne within the walls of Shurima but the monster was not incapable it jumped on her massive hands flipping through the air right at him knocking his helmet he killed everyone of those who accompanied him that seen his face commanding his vanguard sand soldiers pushing the purple creature away as he ran and ran closing every gate behind him only to find it dug tunnels beneath it reaching to the nearest tower of his inner gate but it had no effect on the monster with its laser focusing sunlight was he was beneath the sand only his dorsal fin reflecting it which looked like a shark within the sands getting really close to his prey reaching the feet of Azir stumbling him into his own land picking his final moments but wait the purple has gone red having trouble within his head screaming in pain holding its head escaping its misery but what caused that ,making the emperor live in such disgrace living after a defeat .
it was the piercing sound of the old ruins of Shurima’s previous pharaohs saving the most worthy emperor of the sands ,however he could not stand the defeat he waked up every guardian from his tomb arming every champion of Shurima .flip the hourglass count the sand pending his reversed defeat against those who are timeless.