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artificial intelligences in 3v3 normal

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Banana Teracotta

Junior Member


Hi, I would just like to say that i recently played 2 games with ai.... on the normal mode... this means that there were 2 or 1 bot with me, and no bot or 1 bot on the enemy team. this never occurs in the summoner's rift, but those ai are making my games so boring. For example, I played my last game 3v3 versus only humans, but with one afk and one ai(named "rhetty&quot by my side.
Ai are easy to recognize : they instalock a free champ and take heal and ghost. Then they go in the game only when minions spawn and buy no stuff until they can buy boots.
Riot, you may find solutions to this problem ?
does anyone ever had the same problem ?
thx for the answers(if there are some)