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League - OneVsOne™

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Hello and thank you for looking at this post. 6 months ago I had an idea that would be pretty cool and fun to play, simply a 1v1 tournament and whoever would win would win prizes! That idea has been made possible by me today. OneVsOne is a game mode where players from across the world* can play against eachother in 1v1's. The boundries to sign-up are Silver 5 and above. We have a youtube channel and a proper website. if you are interested to commentate over the OneVsOne matches contact me as soon as you can. The links to the website will be below.
Basically players will go head to head in a 1v1 on the Howling abyss** in order to win. The player who destroys the enemies nexus wins the OneVsOne match, and they are placed in the Quarter Finals, and so on so forth until we have a seasonal winner for OneVsOne. Each season will be 3 months with a winner for each one. After 2 seasons there will be a OneVsOne Championship where seasonal winners will have the chance to win the title of Championship Winner.

Website link: http://www.leagueonevsone.wix.com/onevsone


*Countries will vary. At this possible time we can only accept entries from EUW & EUNE.
**Other maps will be provided in Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and the Final.


For any other questions contact me: [email]leagueonevsone@gmail.com[/email]

- Darcy, Founder - OneVsOne.

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All in all i like your idea to make an 1v1 tournament. You've said that whoever wins the tournament will win prizes, but your website tells that you may win prizes. What's the right now?