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A short tale of legends -mininovel- Chapter 2

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First chapter > http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=18156409#post18156409

But the unfair fight didn’t last much long.
The might of Demacia Leader of the dauntless Vanguard leading his men out of the barracks soon to figure out it was a really bad situation ,as he turns his back to his men to raise their morale discovering that they’ve all fled from his back due to the howling of the horror in the city but five .
His back shields Gregore,Crajoy,Lagertha,Mirthis and Grominus ,their armor looked like his but they were quite smaller than him,he had a Great tall corse for a body with massive armour shoulders with his enormous mighty sword that was as tall as one of his men .. he looked like the armoured giant from the fairy tales. No wonder the barracks ceilings were built like that.

He said not a word only ragingly drew his breath with Wrath on his face he was livid raising his sword slowly toward the sky crying for battle like he breathed thunder, his eyes he was both infuriated and disgusted by his soldiers’ action and his blood was fuming by the destruction of the city his temper was getting red for each step he took until he laid eyes on the responsible for this horrendous crime ,he didn’t recognize him the executioner his best drinking buddy ,his eyes could only see red and all that was going on his head was to ram justice on fiddle's tread or to lie dishonorably dead.
Tucking his shoulders ,leaning forward and tipping his sword to the front ,running forward in hulking steps heading to mash the culprits with his wrath and fury shaped in his Demacian steel with rainbow pattering.
He couldn’t wait his increased and his steps got thunderous that you could feel his hostility from far away CLASHING into his enemy. He can’t afford to lose, he was Demacia’s last hope.
Meanwhile another fight had already started
The guardian of the towers,she ran and jumped from tower to tower ringing the bells of danger a breach has happened within the walls of Demacia ,but it wasn’t as easy as said ,she was being stumbled by the crows but she never fell ,she stepped on crows midjump to regain her balance while shooting at incoming crows with her crossbow ,Quinn’s blue hawk helped her see within her blind spots saving her from deadly blows
Valor screeched at the crows fighting them making it rain motionless crows with his tremendous strength and mobility until his surrounding blackened by vicious amount of crows that got Quinn worried.
She jumped onto the highest summit of Demacia the crucible tower and fired a thousand arrow THWISHS! into the air aiming the crows around Valor in a rapid speed that you could hardly hear her strings twang. Squadron of arrows darkened the sun ,their only goal was saving Valor .Quinn never misses she would never hurt Valor and she knew that that he trusts her with his whole life .Valor felt the arrows cutting through the air he even counted the arrows from the sound of the crossbow as they get nearer he gets ready .
Swings and sways in the narrow space in between the arrows of Quinn, dancing in harmony with the thwacks of her arrows
he did not attack not once he didn’t need to, his surrounding got brighter ,he thought that he would never see the sun again or worse his Quinn.

However the real fight had not yet begun.
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but the battle of the feathered had ended featuring the absolute undisguised resistance of the undaunted vanguards.
they were on his trail protecting his shadow even when there were no shadows at all ,hustling into the dark blizzard of black feathers reaching the eye of the storm ,feathers in their eyes ,whirling around them their vision went from narrower to narrower as the whirlwind got denser and denser .However Garen was unshaken focusing on his target he knew where was he going although his eyesight was of no use at all.He never changed his stance shoulds still tucked saving strength to his next blow .

The Clash.
more radiant than the sun itself Garen sprints shouting “DEMACIAAA!”, hurdles and rams his sword upon fiddle .The blow pushed the air like an explosion just occurred on the impact .fiddle.. on the contrary was not influenced by the strength of the blow he blocked by simply raising his scythe yet garen didn’t rely on the first sweat he kept on clobbering with his sword clumping with his thick sabaton up to the point he made fiddle reel ,faltering back a step or two ,poising himself on his scythe .Standing steadily on his weapon taunting Garen with mockery except Garen was already filled with wrath yet so Sweep his sword to the back .Fiddle was dumbfounded up until garen started spinning while gripping his sword with both arm before the executioner knew it the bottom half was trimmed of his scythe he fell on his back . that did irritate deeply as he clutched what’s left of his scythe jumped with a spin charging with a murder by pointing at garen with his scythe’s chine .
Garen had no scratch on his armour for a reason HE CRIED “MY LAND SHALL NOT BE TAKEN FROM ME “ACCELERATING HIS SPINNINGS .Black feathers scattered in the wind making a small whirlwind around him, MOVING HIS SWORD TIP FROM ABOVE TO BELOW, CIRCLING HIS SWORD FROM HAND TO HAND OVER HIS HEAD TO MAKE HIS SWORD EVEN GO FASTER WITH HIS FEET SUPPORTING HIS SPEED .meantime fiddle was gazing at the undaunted’s deepest fear looking through his Demacian soul Garen seized the opportunity of fiddle’s distraction spinning it loud spinning it hard shredding his cloth cutting off both his leg only to find fiddle lost the thrill in this battle he had other plans he cracks laughing a piercing creepy laughter knowing his plan he wanted to make garen tremble before him like all others. he waved his scythe in a circle, a flock of crows was seen from far away. Quinn shivered and undoubtedly sending her hawk to the war of noxus but to warn the Demacians about the tide change .
Garen rooted his sword into the ground kneeling on one leg to fiddle in the same way he does to his king ,fiddle’s laughter went even more piercing with the black feathered cloud came nearer making fog around garen he was still kneeling to fiddle .
A massive sword penetrated the vault of heaven penetrating the sky cutting the air with no sound desending upon fiddle the sword had a soul that fiddle could see a powerful one and a very dangerous one fiddle’s surrounding got denser with crows and Garen steady as a rock a statue of armor that will not move no matter ,however fiddle never stopped his creepy laughter, his plan made him thrilled .
the sword is falling and falling going faster and faster Smiting fiddle within his storm of crows .
the dust became fog the shock was too loud to hear anything afterward but fiddle was no more for certain ,as garen fell on his chest drawing his breathes heavily there was no sign of The executioner with his crows but he did not flee only retreated to prepare for his plan to fight another day and bring demacia to the ground making garen tremble and bow to his deepest fear .
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