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A Story Part 1

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"In the heat of battle,no one really knows your story. No one really listens to you. No one really cares.

We all want them dead because we all want to live. I am sure they feel the same.

Don't be hesitant.

Shoot."said the summoner.

He did just that. He had to.

With each mystic shot,Ezreal would position himself for another confrontation. He knew for a shot fired,a shot would be fired back. For every movement, there would be a sound. For every sound,there would an opportunity. And with that he would be dead.

So he kept moving. Kept making sounds. Kept giving opportunities.

Until he stopped.

He caught his breath.

A bit scared.

A bit diluted.

A bit violated.

He looked back to think what he had just done.

A child.

A child,no older than he once was,died. He killed him. "What was I thinking?" He said to himself. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" He said to him.

"Me?" He said. "You are the one who killed him."

"Yes but I didn't want to. I didn't HAVE to. But you did it. You HAD me do it. Why? WHY?",as he shouted at empty air and called out to the one voice he heard in his head,moving his body and controlling his power.

"You didn't have to you say?"

He smirked.

"I know you are new here but isn't it a little late for you to be traumatized over murder? I hear you are quite the adventurer. Surely you've killed something."

Ez replied,still hoping he had not done it."Monsters. Yes. Conquerers. Yes. Thieves. Assassins. Punks. Yes. But this. This was only a CHILD. He didn't even look old enough to have seen the world. Why must I kill him? Why is he even here? He doesn't belong here."

Quite amused,the summoner replied. "Doesn't belong here? What are you talking about? Do you know who HE is? Do you know how HE had to grow up? Do you know the THING he was riding on? Do you know HIS STORY?"


His loud voice echoed through the rift life the wolves howling their return. And it was heard,just as loud. First to move was a blade,then a shield and finally the sword.

His summoner kept him moving.

"Stop." said Ezreal,once.


"I said STOP!" the third time.

He broke the rules of the arrangement. He stopped moving himself even though the command wanted him to. A shattering screen made him stop. He had no physical connection with his summoner. Commands entered were futile. Summoner wanted him to move. He did not. Summoner wanted him to taunt. He did not. Summoner wanted him to dance. He did not.

"Move or you will die.", advised the summoner. "You are not the only one who can kill in this rift." said he.

"A fitting end for a child murderer like me." He said. "I am finished. This is where my story ends."

He did not move. He did not look. He did not breath. He was ready to die. And death was closer to him then he expected then he wanted.

"Look OUT!!" because as soon as he opened his eyes, there was someone,ready to cut his throat the next second. He was vulnerable,by himself and so close to death. But he was guarded,not alone and death was no where near him. If anything,it was too far away. A yellow shield appeared as the blade sliced,but slowed through it. Just enough time for Ezreal to shift away. Too far away form his blades.

His hands moved. His mind awoke. His body agreed. His powers now awakened and true,his mystic shot went through the shadows head and next thing you know,this was his second kill.

"Life isn't meant to be fair,you know." said the summoner. "If it were,you would have no adventures."

Ezreal found death was a lot harder to commit to than he initially had thought it would be. He wanted to die but at the same time. He wanted to live.

He said to the summoner,"Then tell me. How do I live this unfair life? How do I get over it? How do I make things right?"

"You don't." He paused. "You can try to be fair but life has a way of making things unfair for you. It is not because you want it to. It is because it is."

"How can you say that?" he questioned as he wanted-No. He needed answers. Answers that would free his conscience.

"Because I,too,am a murderer." the summoner explained.

Ezreal was confused,crippled but most of all,scared of the answer. He asked,"So this is your rush? This is you? Is this your game?"

"Oh no." He said. "It might be a game but this has nothing to do with me. This has nothing to do with my murder."

Ezreal took a sigh of relief. But he still had question and guilty conscience. "Tell me." He said.

"It's a long story."

"I'll hear it"

The summoner took a deep breath. Almost as if he had something heavy inside him that he needed to get it out. Almost as if he was going to let it go.

And he did.

The Cold air blew. Blew past him. Blew past his arcane link. Blew past everything.

"It's a tale of two-" He paused. "I want to say sisters but that would be disrespectful. It was a tale of two lovers."

Ezreal sat down near the shade of a tower. Mighty. Tall. But most of all,prepared.

"A girl had just been exiled from her living. Her family had rejected her understandings. Rejected her standings. Rejected her,as a whole. To them,her existence was a disgrace. A mistake brought by the world. A crime to live itself.

But she was okay with it. She was strong. She was beautiful. She was independent. Proud of herself. Not surviving but living with herself. In love with herself. Yes. She was herself."

"Her name?" Ezreal interrupted.

"Adorable Riven."the summoner replied."She was Adorable."


"Yes. Was."

Ezreal felt heavy. He knew what was going to happen in the story but he said,"Go on."

"As I said,she was revoked by her parents but she was not discouraged by it. Many would have just given up but she knew her fight wasn't futile. After all,it was her heart she had to care for. It is a fragile thing after all. So she went on her own journey.

A few days she walked around. With what she had left,she bought and ate. A cheap meal,nothing like she ever had. But a meal nonetheless. What-where she found home,she put a blanket over herself and slept. In a dreadful reality,she found beautiful dreams.

But there is only so much one can find. Reality catches up too fast.

She had no money left for food. Only roads for shelter. She knew she had to go back or she might be forced to beg,or worse,die. She had a fight to win but also her pride of a being a social human. Surprisingly,she gave up on humanity. She gave up on luxury. She gave up rules. So stubborn on the fight she was. Instead,she became a beggar at times,an animal at times and sometimes.she wasn't even living. She walked around asking and looking for some change. She scoured the trash cans. She even slept all day some day,living on nothing but air."

"I would have found a job instead." Said Ezreal.

"Ah yes! Of course you would. But she couldn't. She didn't know what it was or how she would have to get it. She was a rich child. Born and raised to be perfect. Many talents and abilities but no real world applications. Knowledge. Desire. She only knew how to beg. Like she did all her life. All 19 years. To her dad. To her mom. To her brother. To everyone who were more than willing to give. Well,until she didn't turn out perfect,that is."

"Sad world."

"And unfair. But she was a fighter. A stubborn and illogical one. But one nonetheless.

As she searched through trash,regretting buy a cheap meal when she had the option to buy even cheaper once,call it the world's twisted fate,call it her misfortune,call it antee-movement, she was forced into a slumber."

'No!' thought Ezreal but stayed silent wanting to know if it was the end.

"As I said before,she was beautiful. But beauty is a thing of allure. Of amore. Of lust. People easily tend to lose control over it. And some people realise this. And they take advantage of it. She woke up next,in a room,enclosed. It was dark. It was cold. The only thing shinning was a dim bulb that barely lit every few seconds. She knew what had happened. She was captured. By whom? She didn't know. But she did know,she was captured. It was silent for hours. She did not struggle. She did not sleep. Just waited to see what had to come. She was ready to be alive with her reason or dead without it. She just wanted to see the end.

After 4 hours and 32 minutes of nothingness,a few steps were heard. Some noise were heard. It only got louder and closer. Louder and closer. Louder and closer. It was louder and close enough. There were two men and a woman. They were all watching at her. Judging her. Pricing her. Valuing her worth. She knew what was happening. She was going to be sold.

'To whom' 'To who?'Would be the questions we would have thought of but she didn't. She was okay with it. It was better than living as she is. She had a plan. And she was ready with it.

The guy spoke out,"What's your name?" She didn't answer.

He questioned again,"What's your name?" She didn't answer again. A few more times and the answer was the same. Nothing. The woman,tired of her silence,spoke up and said,"He asked you what's your name?" as she slapped her face.

"Adorable." she replied.

Quite surprised that she had answered but also glad with the progress,the woman said,"Good. Now that wasn't so hard was it? Now answer the man."

"I don't speak with men."she said."I don't like men."

Amused,the woman replied,"A lesbian? That's interesting." She commanded,"Boys,give me a minute with her. Let me see what we can do about this,'situation'."

The boys started whistling and started commenting saying things like,"Oh man. Can't we stay?" "Can we watch?" "Can't I be first?"

The woman quickly dispersed the crowd so wild. Obviously,she was not an ordinary in the ring. But also,her motive was higher.

She closed the door,locked it,latched it and turned around.

"Have you ever made love?" said the woman.

"No." Adorable replied.

"A virgin?"she exclaimed.

"Yes." She replied.

"Well then",she prowled slowly but swiftly,at the same time,"I guess we will have to fix that,won't we?"

Adorable didn't move. She was ready for it. In fact,she welcomed it. She was glad that someone would let her be herself. She was glad that the first one would be herself. She was glad-until she wasn't glad anymore. She was embarrassed. Nothing can really prepare you for the first time someone touches your ******. Nothing can stop you from moaning either when your body first realizes it enjoys it. She put her hands over her filthy lips,hoping they wouldn't come out.

She wasn't prepared for this.

The woman chuckled as she said,"Oh come on. I haven't even touched you yet."

She was correct. Adorable was fully clothed. She had never even touched her skin. Just her thin lining of her underwear,which had just gotten wet from the orgasm she had. She didn't say anything. She was too embarrassed and confused of this feeling,at the same time.

"Shall we get started?"she humoured herself.

Adorable shaked her head in confirmation and consent.

"Adorable was it?"the woman said,amused with her reply. "We are going to have a lot of fun."

She slowly let her hand creep out in between Adorable's dirty clothes and her fair,bare skin. She could feel Adorable tremble. She knew she was nervous but that only turned her on. That made it so much better than it needed to be.

Her hands made it all the way to Adorables's areolas only after 32 seconds. So slowly she moved. So smoothly she crept. Sometimes playing with her breast. Sometimes rubbing her skin. Sometimes not moving at all,just to hear her trembling,being uneasy and frightened. She enjoyed every moment of tease as she licked Adorable's smooth neck. She was slobbering it. Making her feel the saliva stacking up,feel like an uncomfortable patch of ooze.

Slowly,the woman rubbed Adorable's nipples. Or at least she tried.

"Inverted?"she exclaimed.

In a mili second after the remark,she caught Adorable by her hair and jabbed her tongue straight into Adorable's lips. "Well,that just won't do now,will it?",she said.

Adorable,by now,was barely semi-conscious. The feeling of being violated was too unreal for her. She feared it but enjoyed it.

The woman continued her ravage behavior. She pushed her down,slid off Adorable's skirt and tore her wet covering apart. She gazed at the naked beauty. She just gazed. It was for a few second. But for this beast,it was eternity of waiting.

She knew what she was doing. She slip two of her finger in. Not more than a few inches, but more than enough to touch everything. She tingled around and Adorable couldn't hold herself. She was moaning and crying but at the same time,she tried to hold it in. She was ashamed. She felt dirty. She felt filthy. She felt-wrong. But so right. The woman continued to move her finger around,toying with her over and over and over. Adorable couldn't hold anymore. She had to give in. And she would as she moaned louder than she had before. Her trembling didn't stop and she knew something had happened.

She orgasmed.

With this little victory,the woman was ready as the arousal had brought out a new toy to play with. She kissed the trembling carcass of her partner,inserting her tongue as deep as she could,moving it around,exchanging taste of each other and playing with her food while fingering her at the same time. She was not letting one moment slide. She had Adorable in her spell,charmed and unable to recover.

As she slowly took her departure from the mouth,through her lips,she didn't leave her body. Instead,like water,her lips flowed downwards Adorable's body. It swung side to side. Left to right. To and fro but it didn't stop. It came down and finally rested on the once-inverted-nipples,not so inverted anymore.

She plunged into it. She did not stop to think. Just did it. She licked it. She tugged it. She pressed upon it. She bit it. She never stopped. Adorable kept moaning in ecstasy and the woman kept violating her. She kept diving into her bare and vulnerable skin and Adorable enjoyed it. She enjoyed every moment of it. She did just about enough to it that the only thing left was to rip it off in pleasure of pain.

She moved on. She moved down. She moved to the ********. And.

She bit it.

The pain and pleasure made it uncontrollable to hold on. Adorable burst out,showering the woman in a liquid that she once learned was vile. She didn't stop. She couldn't stop. She kept going and the woman kept a straight face,letting it hit her like she was ready for it. Like she wanted it to come. Like she wanted HER to come.

Adorable was trembling. But even more as she felt a tongue penetrate her ******. The woman hadn't had enough and she wouldn't let Adorable go that easily. She kept her moist. She kept her wet. She made her squirt,time and time again. And then,she stopped.

She unclothed herself in front of Adorable. She slowly uncovered her skin,her breasts,her thighs,her legs. And after,she slowly let her ****** show. It was quite wet. But she wanted more as she caught Adorable by her hair and pulled her first pair of lips under her second pair of lips. Adorable had never touched one before. She didn't know what to do. But her tongue moved on it's own. It kept moving and moving and moving. It didn't stop. Adorable didn't want to stop. And it kept moving until the woman shoved Adorable back on the bed.

"Have you ever felt something inside you?" She asked. Adorable didn't reply. She didn't know what she heard.

"Well whatever the case,here is a little something for you."she said as she bought out a toy,roughly 15 inches in length,about 3 inches in diameter,"and me" she continued.

She put it inside her ******,slowly and roughly as she moaned herself. They pleasure and pain was exciting. Adorable realized it. But she was afraid of what it could do to her. She wanted to get away before she broke but her body wouldn't move. Her body would like to stay. Her body would like to be broken. And it did.

Forced through her vulva,in between her *****,her hymen,never touched by an object so big and long,it tore apart. The pain was unbearable to the point she almost passed out. She was crying. But the woman did not stop. She kept thrusting. And with every thrust she moaned with Adorable. Her body was confused inbetween the pain and pleasure. Her consciousness torn apart,her mentality blind,she was hopelessly enjoying herself. And it happened over and over again as the woman went to and fro. A little faster. A little more. She kept hitting the the parts of the ****** Adorable never thought could feel but feel she did,deep inside and she loved it. It kept going and going and going and going.

At some point,Adorable passed out. But I am sure,she was happy. She had finally become her own woman.

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When she woke up,she found herself. Naked,bleeding and still numb inside. And beside her was the woman. She kept staring for a minute. After that,she reached down to her face with her lips,kissed it and whispered,"Thank you."

The woman suddenly opened her eyes, which surprised Adorable. She moved away in haste and tried to cover herself with her hands.

"What are you going to hide? I already have seen everything." She said.

"EVERYTHING" she said again,as she pulled near Adorable's face.

The woman then got up and started dressing.

"How do you live with yourself?" Adorable said in a tiny voice as she couldn't find strength to say it louder.

"Huh? Whad'ya say?" The woman replied.

"How do you live with yourself?" Adorable said in a louder voice. Still small but louder.

"Oh. You kinda have to. Some people get to live an easy life. Some people don't. Guess you don't have the luxury to have that easy life."she said and laughed.

"No." Said Adorable. "I didn't mean girl trafficking. I mean how do you live with 'yourself' as a lesbian? How does everyone accept you? How do you have friends? Family?"

"Who said I had a family?"

"Don't you?" Adorable asked.

"Well I had one. Didn't like it. Ran away. Now I live like this."

"Why would one run from their own family? Did they not accept you?"

"Accept me?" She said. She gave a quick laugh. "Accept me? They didn't care if I was there. My existence meant nothing to them."

"Did you want them to?"

"With all my heart and soul.",the woman replied.

With a brief pause,Adorable began conversing again. "So why become a lesbain? Isn't it just harder to live that way?"

The woman smirked."You've never had a **** inside you kid. I have. But let me tell ya. When it happens to you at the age of 9,you will not love it."

Adorable,in horror, exclaimed,"What? How? Surely your parents did something about this?"

The woman replied,"Someone did."

"Who? Your father?"

"Exactly"she said as tears fell down the woman's eyes. Confused for a second,Adorable began playing inside her head until the epiphany of the situation hit her like a truck.

"It WAS your father,wasn't it?"she said. The woman tried to smile. And she did but the tears made it feel so unreal. Almost as unreal it was. "And you know,the funny part it. I was okay. If that is what would define my existence in their life,I would have been okay with it. But no. Even then,like a toy,I would be used and then discarded,only needed when needed. Never in need. Not even when I chose death over life."

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Adorable understood what had happened. Child-molestation,rape,suicide,everything,once only studied about had been manifested into a human in front of her and she saw the ending. She saw the human,crying her heart out,trying to remain strong but still hurting. She wanted to hold her but she didn't. She didn't know the correct response as reality had hit her hard. So she just looked at her,weeping in pain and misery and did absolutely nothing.

After a while,the woman stopped crying. "What am I doing telling this to a child?" she said to herself,out loud.

She reached under the bed and snagged a towel. "Clean yourself up." She said."Let's go."

Adorable hung on to the towel. And then she asked."What is your name?"

"Nina. But people call me,"Headhunter".",she said and she winked and went up the stairs.

Adorable just held herself for a while. She had to recollect. The event of her capture. The reality of the situation. The depth of unfairness.

The wonderful night she had. She thought about it. She blushed. And then,she started cleaning herself.

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After she was done,she changed to her rags. She had no underwear as it was torn in the 'incident'. So wore none.

She tried to walk. She took a step. And then two. And then she stopped. Her legs pulled her down as they could no longer walk. The night had torn more than just her underwear and she just remember the pain still installed in the private region. She sat down a for a while. And then she walked again. Somehow,slowly,she walked up the stairs. What she found was a bunch of people lining up in front of a person,none other than Nina.

Nina,as she saw Adorable enter,she shouted,"Alright you bastards. Rules time. Her name is Adorable. And from today onwards,she is mine."

The crew were obviously shocked and started to question. And as Nina walked towards the feeble Adorable,all Nina had to say to them was,"I like this one." after a deep tongue. No on said any more. No one needed to know anymore. They just enjoyed the view.

Nina picked up Adorable by her feet. Adorable,unable to process the situation,just let her. She didn't know what was going on. Just knew something happened and she didn't mind it."We're going home." said Nina and Adorable just shook her head. Nina took her to her car,took her down the road,turned one right then two lefts and than straight forward. Adorable,just slept peacefully. She rested the whole day. She had had a long night. A long,beautiful and wet night.

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When she woke up,Nina wasn't there. Nothing but a piece of paper that had a message. "Eat whatever is in the fridge",it read. And she did. She ate everything. A hungry man knows what it means to eat while you can. She hadn't had a good meal for ages. And she wouldn't let this one slide.

After the meal,she didn't do anything. Just wait. She didn't touch the TV. She didn't go outside. She didn't try and escape. Nothing. She just sat there like a dog,waiting for it's master to come home.

7:38,the doors opened,and Adorable was there waiting as Nina entered. Nina had some bags with her. Clothes it seemed. "Well,aren't you up sunshine.",Nina said. "How are we feeling?" she asked. "I'm fine." Adorable replied. "Good. Now get ready." Nina threw a bag of clothes to her. "You're going home."she said.

Confused,Adorable replied,"I don't have a home."

"You do now."

"Isn't this where you live?",Adorable asked.

"Yup. And that is exactly why you WON'T live here." Nina replied.

"Why?"She asked again.

"Because you are going to be a part of the society we all hate and love.",raising her arms wide like she was trying to hug the world.

Adorable retaliated,"I don't need to be a part of this society."she said."Can't I just be like you?"

"Can't I just be with you?",Adorable said with a slight pause. Nina put her hand over Adorable's Head and said,"Kid. Trust me on this. There is a lot of things you could do in life and that is only possible if you become part of a human society. Being an animal,like me,will only get you hurt.violated and destroyed. You won't be living. You will be surviving. Okay?"

Adorable wanted to retaliate but she couldn't. She knew she was right. She didn't even know reality well enough. She didn't know how Nina worked or what she had to do. She only knew how to be a human. So she had to give in to reality. Nina took her to a flat,a but far for foot but not much by drive. It had everything set up. The lights were fine. The room was cozy and the radiators were working for the cold. She had all she needed. Nina took out her purse and gave her an envelop from it. It had cash. Lots of it. And then,she was ready to exit.

Before leaving,Adorable held Nina's hand. "Promise me you will visit me often." She said.

Nina pulled her in,held her by her hips and kissed her.

After the long kiss,she replied,"Everyday."

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And that is what she did. Almost everyday,Nina would visit Adorable. And the days she wouldn't Adorable would wait. She would wait and hope. She would not call. She would not judge. She would not suspect. She would just wait. And hope. And someday,she would come. And everyday,they would make love. These were the days,they would miss the most."

"Would?" interrupted Ezreal. "Why would they mess up this future?"

"Because of the past." The summoner replied. "While Adorable had been learning how to live a normal life,a new development had sprouted on Nina's side. One of her crew had found out who Adorable really was. She was the daughter of one of the richest. And the bad news was he was out looking for her. He had even put out a big reward for finding her. And the crew was relentless. They begged Nina to give Adorable away. But Nina didn't listen to them. After all,she was the headhunter. She only listened to herself.

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And so,she decided to give her away."

"What? Why?" A surprised Ezreal stood up on his feet."Why would she do that? Does she still love her more than money?"

"Money did not tempt her. She had enough of it. However,she was vulnerable to family. She felt that Adorable's father had changed. Maybe he wasted her back. Maybe he regretted his decision. Maybe,just maybe he would love her again. And that is why,she felt it was necessary."

Ezreal went quite. He understood. He knew what she wanted to give her. He knew what was right. He knew it. So he kept quite.

"That night,Nina went to visit Adorable. Adorable,as always,was so glad to see her. "I found a job!" She exclaimed."Isn't this exciting?" She asked,hoping for a exciting answer. But none such were found.

Nina said,"That's great. But you won't need it."

"Why?"said a confused and concerned Adorable. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Yes. But what I want is of no concern anymore." "You are going back home."

"But I am home.",Adorable replied." '1111 Providence Street,Ashford,Kent.' This is my home.",she said as she was starting to get where this was going. The news was big after all. She had just been avoiding it.

"No. Your real home. Back with your REAL family."

"NO!!" She screamed."They are not my real family!! I don't WANT TO GO BACK!!" She cried." Please. Please,let me stay. I'll do anything. ANYTHING!!",she said and she started crying.

"Don't be stubborn Adorable!!",Nina shouted. "You have a chance at a greater life. You have a chance of a greater love. Don't throw it away over one small thing!! They were wrong to throw you out but obviously they know their mistakes now. You have to learn to forgive and move on!!"

"NO!!"Adorable cried out loud,"I don't need them. I just need YOU!! I JUST NEED YOU!!" Adorable started crying. Quickly and swiftly,Nina hugged and held her,"No. No. No. Kid. Kid. Kid. Just listen to me. JUST LISTEN TO ME!!",Nina explained,"It will be okay. If you ever want to come back,come back. No problem. But at least give this a try." She said,"You can have something I couldn't kid. Don't throw it away."

"NO!!",Adorable still retaliated."There is NOTHING there for me. I just want you." She kept saying,over and over again. Over and over until finally,Nina kissed her.

"I am sorry,kid"she said."But trust me. This is for your own good."

Adorable began feeling dizzy. Sleeping drug. Nina had slipped it in with her kiss.

"NO!" Adorable cried. "No" she cried again. "noooooo...",she kept saying until she finally passed out.

The next thing that woke her up were gun shots.

She woke up in a van. She heard multiple gunshots and people shouting,"Fall back. FALL BACK.". She peeked out. And only with a peek,she saw dead faces. Dead familiar faces.

The one on the right? She knew him. He was part of the crew Nina led. The one on the left. Same. The once dead. Same. All of them were Nina's crew."

"What about Nina?",Ezreal said. She knew where this was going now."How did this happen?"

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"Ah Nina. Apparently one of the crew had contacted Adorable's father and demanded a hefty ransom,far more than the reward. But the father on the other hand,was over joyed with the proposition,as he just handed the case over to the police as a kidnapping and kept the reward money for himself. And so in the time of meeting,the shoot out began.

Lot of people died. Adorable,confused,did what she always did when confused,searched for Nina. And she found her.

Lying down on the ground,breathing heavily. She rushed. Adorable didn't think. She didn't think about the gun fire. She didn't think about life. She didn't think about family. She didn't think about the human society. In that moment,all she knew was she had to reach Nina. And she did.

"Nina. NINA. Wake up. Wake up.",she shook her.

"Adorable?" Nina said,"Adorable? Get out of here. GET OUT OF HERE NOW." She said.

"No. No. Not without. Never without you. I have to come back to you,remember. You PROMISED ME!! I NEED TO COME BACK TO YOU." she tried pulling her up.

"It's useless kid.",Said Nina."I am as dead as a dead woman can be.". She was right. She had a gun shot through her stomach and multiple through her legs. She could neither walk nor reach medical attention in time.

"NO!" Cried Adorable."You can make it. WE can make it.",still trying to pull her up. Nina,summoning all her strength,pushed Adorable away. "GO AWAY!!",she said with tears in her eyes."YOU ARE MINE!! AND WHAT I COMMAND YOU TO DO YO-" she was paused by the forceful kiss by Adorable. Like the once she used to enforce on her,but more resolute.

"No.",Adorable looked Nina to her face."I won't leave you. Never again." She said. And they both cried as long as they could.

There were people running in panic. People shooting in panic. Guns were everywhere and bullets by the hundreds. But they didn't move. They didn't budge. They stayed there,as long as they could. As long they needed to. Until I shot them dead."

"WHAT?" "WHY?" questioned Ezreal to his summoner.

"Because it was my job. I had to shoot people before they shoot. That's my job."

"Your job was not to shoot the girl. Your job was to save her. Why did you shoot her?"

"It was crowd. Mistakes happen in a crowd."

"No it doesn't. It's all about skill.",Ezreal confronted him.

"You're just a murderer,aren't you?"He continued,"You're just a lowsy son-of-a-"

before he could finish,his body moved to one side,just far enough before a heavy rain of concentrated sunlight hit the ground. Ezreal was about to catch his breath,before the summoner turned his attention to a girl with a sword,lunging towards him,just by an inch,he successfully shifted away only to be pursued by another lunge again.

"Look" the summoner said,as Ezreal began charging his,most powerful move,the Trueshot Barrage.

She was so close to his face. Almost a centimeter close. In that moment,the summoner whispered to Ezreal,"Do you know her story?" and exited Ezreal's command.

Ezreal took a deep breath. And then.

He killed her.

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You actually read all that XD

Meh. My writing needs work. I can come up with a story but it is either too long to be a chapter. Or too short to be a book. XD

Sorry you had to read all that.