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Launcher/client problem (will not start up)

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To explain it simple, when i try open the shortcut or any of the 2 launchers at /riot games/league of legends/ i get the "league of legends" tagg that you see when your going from champion select to loadscreen then it disapear...

That is all that happens. From taskmanager i can easy read;
lol.launcher.exe starting up
rads_user_kernel.exe starting up
PMB.exe starting up
lol.launcher.exe terminate
PMB.exe terminate
rads_user_kernel.exe terminate

Ive updated (version);
Adobe flashplayer (
Adobe AIR (
DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.
Service Pack 3
Internet Explorer 8 (8.0.6001.18702)

Updated grapic card to newest version..

Downloaded whole game from scratch 2 times and tried reinstall 3 times on each time of download.
Between each of the installation ive scanned whole register for files that had anything with riot or league of legend to do and cleaned temp folder.

As you can read ive done everything i could do except get a working version from a friend... and from what i understand of this problem is ether Riot's instalation for LoL bugged...

Has anyone found a fix to this? I do not realy wanna wait untill next patch so they might fix their basic instalation files...