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Serbian Offline Local Tournament 5v5, Leskovac (Dubocica)

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Samo Nennad

Junior Member


Tournament in League of Legends: 5v5

-It will be held on 10th and 11th January in gaming room "Dubocica" (Leskovac), with beggining at 10:00AM. Applying for tournament costs 25 euros per team, intrested teams can apply on number: 061/608-42-84.
- Maximuim number of teams is 20
- Group phase will be determined by number of applied teams.
- After that is bracket (single elimination) till the finals.
- Finals and for 3rd place is Best Of 3.
- Rewards(dependable on amount of teams applied): 1st place gets 50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd gets consolation money prize (around money return of invested)

Turnir u League of Legends: 5 vs 5

- Održaće se 10. i 11. Januara u igraonici "Dubočica" (Leskovac), sa početkom u 10,00 časova. Učešće na turniru plaća se 2500 dinara po ekipi, a zainteresovane ekipe se mogu prijaviti na broj: 061/608-42-84.
-Max. broj ekipa 20.
- Grupna faza će biti određena zavisno od broja prijavljenih ekipa.
- Nakon toga bracket (single elimination) do finala.
- Finale i za 3. mesto - Best of 3.
-Nagrade: 1. mesto - 50% od uplate ekipa.
2. mesto - 25%
3. mesto - utešna novčna nagrada.
Fond za nagrade će biti prilagođen prijavljenom broju ekipa.

Here if facebook page of Gaming Room https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008018685450&fref=nf