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All Random

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Junior Member


Right so first off the name is wrong.


well its not random if you have people with ARAM account they only buy champs like nidelee, and taric, gragus, lux, varus, jinx, and all those other ARAM owners.

Riot made this easy for them via rerolls.

First off its all random get rid of rerolls they break the mode and allow ARAM accounts to exist
Secondly make all the champions available its all not some.

As a tester, a gamer and a developer you need to fix this mode riot.

Leave your trolls below cause i'm really past caring.

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I agree with you that the Name is incorrect, but it has some recognition value.

League is not build around ARAM and therefore probably not considering accounts that are just buying certain ARAM-Champs to kick ass. I personally would find that boring to do only that.

But yes, I can see where your critic comes from, but I doubt Riot will make every champ available for ARAM - thats the free rotation for - to try out champs.

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It won't change for me if all champs are available since I have them all and 60,000 ip ready to buy whatever else comes out, anyway bro the fact that they get powerful champs for aram doesn't necessarily mean they will win besides there is always the chance that you will get someone better than they will. Rito only makes more money with aram accounts

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I disagree, there are some clear comps that are full of ARAM accounts.

Majority of games I play these days (at least 80-90% of them) have a Lux in, you can't tell me that's random pick and not an ARAM account with just a Lux on it, it's getting silly how prevalent these accounts are now.

I'm beginning to reach the point where I'm so frustrated with a mode I used to enjoy, I'm either going to give up playing league or I'll get my own ARAM account.

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I think either point one OR two should happen (and I prefer point two because point one doesn't really shut down ARAM accounts and it would put the first A in ARAM.)

Both could be very frustrating. If you can't play Tryndamere because you've never played him and you main AP mid, for example, and you can't reroll, you're at the mercy of the other players to trade with you.