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Annoying problem with the " ` "symbol in the ingame chat.

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The thing is i'm using a french keyboard where the upper left key (under escape) is ² which does not need shift at all.

1. Razer lycosa FR
2. ² for the trinket nothing on ^
3. with the shift key pressed only
4. Desktop
5. Windows 7 family

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i have the problem, just the other way round, i cannot use the ` symbol in the ingame chat.
it works for the lobby chats

just now i realized that i have an EN keyboard in this forums chatbox. maybe the ingame chat is EN aswell and i have to change it?

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Any updates/fixes? I mean I saw the first problems occurred back in November 2014. It's Februari now, almost March. And I still have the same bug. Or is "just don't use that key anymore" the only solution Riot came up with.

I also don't see why it would take so long to find the bug, people all pointed out at which patch it went wrong right? So can't you just check every (script) change that was made in that patch and the patch before that and identify the problem?

I'm getting tired of not being able to use bind I've been using ever since the beginning of League. (used the key for use items before trinkets even excisted)

Hope someone responds