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[Champion Suggestion] Aoide, the Siren

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Like the idea, keep up with the work... think of range and cooldown ect

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Thank you very much!
I added a small comment behind every ability regarding the cooldown.

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King Manatee

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It's a good champion concept, It needs:

1) Lore
-Give her a Lore, why can she turn into a beast, about her past, etc.

2) More details about abilities
-Damage, Ratio, Cooldown, Range

3) Maybe ask somebody to make an art of her

Also, I recommend you rework the passive a bit, it seems quite hard to utilize to its fullest; it's a good concept, but try thinking of something.

Just a few suggestions

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I was thinking about her lore she could be an Ionian as they don't have many bad guys and she will fit.in nicely. Or even a noxian her lore could be either
Noxian version
There is a story every parent tells their children to stop them wandering off it tells of a woman sometimes she is beautiful and draws people in with looks .this woman is said to draw boys and girls into a home far away with her beautiful voice.there is many deferent versions to this story however they all the same way with her prey found dead.this story is told to noxian Childs to make sure they never trust strangers however many noxian believe to to be true ,they say she works with the black rose silencing people for leblanc.the legend was true and beware cose the legend is coming to the rift

Ionian version
In Ionia their is a cult who believe in a goddess called aoide they asked to be represented in the league however no ionia stood up and the league dismissed them think of them as ur typical crazys however aoide refuse to be dismissed and has come to represent herself
Sorry I'm tired ill come refrin these