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Bring Back Kos

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pro zuzu



King of Crystal Scar
"KoS" channel name

For people wanting to test their 1vs1 skills against randomized champions or try out something different, come test out King of the Crystal Scar in Custom games.

-- Join "KoS" ,abbreviation for King of Scar, to get invites and be notified about King of the Crystal Scar games.


1) Game must be played as all random.
2) Summoner spells must be garrison and promote.
3) Batlle happens in the middle of the field. Once in, you cannot leave the inner circle.
4) Allies must wait in the bush while your teammate is fighting the opponent. While waiting decide with team on who should face who.
5) No leaving the inner circle and the only brush that is allowed to enter are the two at the bottom of the inner circle
6) no going into battle with a speed buff active
8) No assisting a fighting teammate by damaging the enemy, or healing the teammate
9) When your team died and you have 1 last guy remaining call it out.
10) If you die, stay in your base until the round is over,
a battle game where one member of each team fights at a time in the inner circle of the crystal scar

Very easy concepts to grasp once you play one game of KoS.

Items not allowed
1) Items that give auras
2) Guardian Angel
3) Snowballing items

Scoring: Every time the whole team dies, the winning team gets the windmill. Then if the losing team wins the next round (kills their whole team), they make the windmill neutral.

Look at the map attached below. The red parts are the bushes you are supposed to stay if you aren't fighting. The yellow lines are the boundaries.

Red marker on the map is were you must wait.
Yellow lines around the center are the boundary of where you can go once in battle.