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Do you like this gamemode.

Yes, Looking forward to see this ingame. 8 100%
No, I hate this idea stop this nonsense. 0 0%
Voters 8 .

[Gamemode] Hide & Seek 5 v 3

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I Am MàdLife

Junior Member


I Would love to see this becoming a gamemode like URF and Hexakill thats why i wrote this post.
This is my idea for it, Hope you all like it

Gamemode LoL : Hide n' Seek (Dominion Map) (8 Players)

Queue : (8 Players) (3 Seekers) (5 Hiders) {can invite in room or start to soloplay}
Join queue as a hider.
Join queue as seeker.

Game :
When the seekers got 20 kills seekers win.
When the game reaches 20 minutes Hiders win.
Dominion map without the relics. and no minions.
In the middle of the map is a buff for seekers that temporarily spots every champion for 3 seconds doesnt matter if they are invisible or not.
Seekers are locked in base untill 1:30
Hiders are locked in base untill 1:15
Gold Income starts flowing at 1:30
Hiders earn EXP and gold only while standing still, not when moving earn nothing. (20.4 EXP/sec , 12G/sec)
Every summoner starts at level 3.
All Champions have no mana/energy cost.

Info regarding gameplay :
To avoid players going afk in base and try to win that way. Seekers can go into the dominion base of the Hiders without the base laser killing them

To avoid seekers from camping the hiders base and being able to kill the hiders. Give hiders an invincibility and invisible buff for a set amount of time.
to be able to move away from base and hide again.

Hiders cannot go back into base or go in enemy base to execute themselves. They have to be killed in order to buy items.

Buffs from Map:
{Hiders Buff}: {Icon: Rengars passive}
After 2secs you gain 12 Gold p/sec and 20.4EXP p/sec.
No mana cost.
60% CD Reduction
You cannot buy any items after you left the base.

{Seekers Buff} : {Icon: Caitlyn's W??}
Increased Movement speed. 390 without boots
Killed champions are global gold
Alot tenacity so stuns and slows etc. only take up max 1 second.
Knockups have no affect or reduced.
Invincible to damage from Hiders.

Champions :
Teemo : Teemo's passive is a infinite invisbility in my oppinion it should be pre-banned.
Evelynn : Evelynn's passive is aswell a infinite invisibility and should as Teemo be pre-banned.
(These could both be nerfed with bigger range on spotting the champion (evelyn's passive))

Twisted Fate : Twisted fate has a pretty high advantage as a Seeker.

Ingame name : Xèros

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I Am ìmp

Junior Member


The idea seems solid. Rito should give this G-Mode a chance. I personally think that it could end up being really popular and a lot of fun, it'll be something more relaxing to get after the tiring ranked games or normal games.