League of Legends Maestro Error

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Ok,so...about a month ago or less,I'm not really sure,i installed the LoL beta launcher. I played once then i started getting the Maestro error. I tried every solution that i found and none worked (turn of your antivirus,put LoL to the trusted list on your firewall,etc...). The only thing i didn't do is forward my ports that were needed,but i never tried that,I just reinstalled the game with the old launcher and after that it worked. Yesterday i ran LoL and there was a new patch,which i knew about,what i didn't know is that the new launcher is not beta anymore and it's included in the patch.After that i played the game just fine,sucked with Gangplank and so on... Today,I i ran LoL and something updated again. I don't know what it is (cause there is no new patch when the last one was yesterday). Then i started getting the Maestro error again...@!*€...i tried to turn of the Antivirus and put LoL into the trusted list again but ti didn't work cause it was already in the trusted list from before so I did what i didn't do the last time-forwarded my ports.I found that the ports needed were:

TCP 80 - HTTP Connections
TCP 443 - HTTPS Connections
TCP 2099 - PVP.net
TCP 5222 - PVP.net
TCP 5223 - PVP.net
UDP 5000 - 5500 - LoL Game Client
TCP 8393 - 8400 - PVP.net/Maestro

here: http://support.leagueoflegends.com/e...-network-ports

After i forwarded my ports it still showed me the Maestro error but this time something weird happened - the cursor was in the "clock look" which meant "wait". I waited for like 10 secs then i saw the Box that said: We are expecting an unusual large number if logins... (you know the rest) after that it logged in! I saw the background loaded (the news,my buddies,my ip and rp - everything you see when you log in),but it was gray and i still saw the "Maestro error" box and could only click on it and it closes the game automatically so...no luck there... Thats it,please help guys cause I really like the game but this is driving me crazy...


Ok,I know I'm not crazy,well,atleast i hope so... I tried to turn of my Antivirus (Kaspersky Internet Security) to see if it works and it didn't work (the first time - a month or somethin' ago) so this time i did what i wrote and it didn't work then i got tired and tried to turn of my antivirus again and it works... I turned of my Windows Firewall and my Kaspersky and added ports to my Windows Firewall Exeptions and it worked,so i did what you guys wrote in the support page - start running the apps that you turned of again to narrow the list of guilty apps down,so i did and i found the guilty app - Antivirus

Sorry for making this topic before i did everything you guys suggested


Yes,I am crazy. It won't work again... I came home today,I turned on my computer,turned off Kaspersky and ran LoL and now it won't work again... The same error.. Help? Anyone?