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Looking for fun ARAM players! :D

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I dislike adding random people in my friend list so i'll be camping that "ARAM" room every time i am online in hope someone would be there.

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Alextra Blaize

Junior Member


This thread is so refreshing! I am not going to lie I do my best in normal mode but I am pretty awful, due to the abuse I used to get I decided to try out ARAM and it is now the main game mode I play, I love that it is random champions, everyone seems to be a lot more friendly and I just do my best! If anyone cares to add me, please do, IGN is the same as my forum name, just pop me a message to say you are from this thread

I look forward to gaming with more like minded players that although it is nice to win, its all about having fun!

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Senior Member


Just posted a thread looking for ARAM players, then found this, will send requests to some of you! I'm 21, from England, love ARAM as it's much more relaxed, tend to play most evenings EuW, add Wat3rDragon