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Bots in pvp mode!

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Junior Member


I encounter such bots frequently at night (just last game there were 3 bots out of 10 players).
It is very obvious they are bots (and not just bad players), just by their behaviour :
1. They never attack an enemy hero unprovoked
2. They aim to capture points (usually the 2 farthest from their base) and then stay idle at said points)
3. They usually don't react (at all) when you attack them until they get low hp (then use an ability or start to flee), and generally do not interact with other heroes.

What I find very sad is : this is a comon problem obvious to anyone who plays dominion late in the night (at least on low MMR... I guess), and there is not even a report category for this. I report under "Intentionally feeding", but it seems to me that the least RIOT could do is create a report category for this.

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Senior Member


I just had this. 4 humans and 6 bots! I agree that there should be a report option for botting.

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Junior Member


well yeah they are actually bots on pvp games.. i found them very often on late night and .. all they do is running and feeding , and no they are not newbies or something they all have the same spells in the same order (ghost , Heal) and also they all have the same icon and they mostly buy the same items, i think riot should seriously stop that cause it's not funny when you are like the only real player on your team playing against real players or something they feed them and you get a bad score and all, it's not fair at all. well i call those bots ghosts cause they're like ghosts and they always get ghost spell 1st and owh in the champion select they choose a lane they just say mid , top or bot nothing more so don't think they're real players, i had like 5 games like that in a row, it's not funny at all. well that's all i know about them. and they are actually also on classic 5v5 and all other modes.

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Junior Member


i have evry round in classic only bots in my team and in the enmemy team even in classic since i am level 27 i have stoped playing league for a while because of that problem riot isnt fixing something realy important and fucusing on music in the game plz riot fix this