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ezreal,the gay teenage skin proposal

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tell me what u think i ve made a pict


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I think your all insecure little homó's

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Gently Passion

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as a respond to that i shall repeat my answer to pako's first thread
Brilliant, this is a fantastic idea,

the japanese girl sailor outfit is perfect for an Ezreal skin.

love the champ and his skills.

but with that skin... darn it i would use him as my number one champ in ranked games

and if anyone says he is homosexual because of it, ill just kill them(in game ofc, there's no flaming here mods)

and for the league team, plz i beg of you this needs to be a legendary skin, not some normal skin or a half legend like urf-rider. this idea is too good too be wasted like jedi-yi(jedi = may the force be with you" but it wasnt with it) and wonderwoman-sivir. they are great skins but the potential was greater.
quote end

Riot have made some ezreal skin, and i apologies but they are not ezreal skins, they are just some skin and they needed some one to plaster it on.
none of them are really Ezreal skins
this sailor suit idea fits him perfectly and correspond with his dance so well(the anime from which the dance is from the girls are in sailor uniform) that i am amazed that this idea has not been taken up before or even done yet. its perfect for legendary skin and people would even demand that he keeps his dance, all he needs is a new joke and taunt for the skin to make it perfect and well worth 900 RP or even the 1820 if they make it well and if you dont like it dont play with the skin we are more enough people who are secure enough to play him and taric with such a skin.