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The Wrenchmen's Toolbox - Common Fixes

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When I am in game the game the game project degree two images over each other. And it is flashing. The loadingscreen is also flashing. This is so anoyying can someon please tell me how I can fix this problem?
AMD Radeon grapihics HD 8670M.

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Hi Elduris,

Thanks for the awesome effort you put in this thread.
I wanted to contribute an additional fix that may solve some additional issues (that happened to me).

In some (very rare) case, the league of legends icon will launch, but the launcher itself will not launch afterwards. When looking at the logs, it is possible to see a notable error in YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM-SS_LoLPatcherUx.log that goes like this

000000.011| 0.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ERROR| RemotingClient: Failed to resolve host: port 'localhost:2997' to an ipv4 address. getaddrinfo returned: 11001

Most often failure to connect are due to DNS errors, and changing DNS solves the problem, as suggested on the support website. However, there are a few times where a computer really goes full heimer, and it loses the translation of the localhost for IPv4 only, such as in this scenario.

In order to solve this issue, it is sometimes necessary to modify the "hosts" file in such way that the " localhost" line is uncommented.

This solved my issue, and I thought that maybe it could help some people in the future, and it wouldn't hurt the KB to have an additional solution to connection issues to the patcher.

Thank you again for your work !

Edit: it seems that the issue has been added to the KB in the form of a thread for patcher issues in 4.21. Thanks !

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dark master B1

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I have purchased a skin which i dont like, but it doesnt show up in the refund screen,im sure it was not 90 days or more ago so that cant be the problem.
nowhere i look is it to be found and its quite frustrating as i now have a skin i dont like which i would like to refund but is not possible, plz help me

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The joshuminer16:
Hey riot could i please have 1rp i really want to by an mystery gift to an friend.

dont ask for it buy it or earn it man

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how to get 30 rp