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Sylian's Top Lane Tier List

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Some updates (more will be added later). Before I do, I'd like to discuss the meanings of tiers.

Tier 1 is basically the champions that are a bit cheesy. They should get toned down and tend to be noticeably overpowered. As time has passed, Riot has managed to balance some of the most OP champions on Dominion, thus reducing the list of tier 1 champions significantly. That's good. Ideally, there will be 0 tier 1 champions. We're not quite there yet, but the amount of cheese is much lower these days.

Tier 2 go from "Pretty good" to "Wow, that's incredibly strong, but not quite tier 1". Generally, when selecting champions, this will be the ideal tier to select from. Ideally, every champion should be tier 2, although I doubt Dominion will ever be that balanced.

Tier 3 are champions that, for some reason don't make it to tier 2. Perhaps they are a bit meh overall, a bit mediocre, or perhaps they rely on a specific comp or are very vulnerable to certain comps. Some of them will do very well against certain comps (eg Katarina vs a team with mostly squishies with little cc), while others just feel meh overall (like AP Lulu). I generally don't recommend picking a tier 3 champion, but they are viable in the right comps. It helps if you know what you're doing.

Tier 4 are champions that are pretty bad on the mode. I generally don't recommend any of them.

With this being said:

Braum moved down to tier 2 from tier 1. The passive nerf in particular hurt his ability to 1v1, and while he's still a top tank, he's not really as OP as he used to be. He fits better in high tier 2 than tier 1, I feel.

Karma moved down to tier 2 from tier 1. Karma has always been a borderline case. She's one of the most versatile mages, with great utility and movement speed, zoning potential, burst, and cc, but she doesn't really fit the "Wow, that's so OP" right now. Partly because of champions she dealt well with got nerfed, thus making her less needed, and partly because other APs are really scary as well, such as Zyra. She seems to fit well in high tier 2.

Maokai moved down to tier 2 from tier 1. The nerfs hurt him. His drawbacks when his damage isn't as ridiculous. He's still very strong, though.

Rammus moved down to tier 2 from tier 1. Rammus is still a great ganker, but how successful his ganks will be partly depends on your bot laner and the enemy bot laner. Some bot laners will be hard to gank, and some allied bot laners won't do enough up-front damage to really use the Rammus gank.

Corki moved up to tier 2 from tier 3. He's somewhat like a weaker Ezreal. Good poke, pretty good burst for an ADC, and Valkyrie makes him safer than most ADCs. The Talon E nerf helps him deal with Talon much better, too.

Dr. Mundo moved up to tier 2 from tier 3. Mundo is pretty good because of two things, pretty much: Damage and tankiness. His Cleavers do good damage, and his E adds a surprisingly high amount of damage. R is on a somewhat low cooldown, so Ignite isn't that terrible for him. He's probably on the low end of tier 2, borderline tier 3, but he's pretty good.

Sion (AP)
removed. With the rework, AP Sion is no longer viable. AD/tanky Sion is still tier 4.

Soraka moved down to tier 4 from tier 3. Admittedly, I might be wrong because I haven't played Soraka much nor seen her played much, but the rework seems underwhelming on Dominion. She's forced to come close to heal, and she puts herself in a tricky situation if she does so. She's very when alone, and if caught, changes are she won't be able to escape. She probably needs some stat buffs.

Hecarim moved up to tier 3 from tier 4. He's meh, but not strictly bad. He can do some damage and be somewhat bulky.

Olaf moved up to tier 3 from tier 4. When built tanky he can do pretty good damage while still living for a long time, and his ultimate helps. The patch 4.13 helped him too.

Volibear moved up to tier 3 from tier 4. I don't recommend playing him unless you really know what you're doing, since his Q fling can really screw with your team otherwise, but he's not terrible. He can be somewhat bulky while doing decent damage.

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I could update this, but is there enough interest? Do people still read these forums?

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I would definitely love an updated tier lists, all of the other dominion tier lists seem outdated/abandoned, and I'm quite interested in seeing how the removal of BFT affected AP casters. Also, is there any active place for the dominion community, like a subreddit or something? I'd like to improve my skills playing dominion, but I cant seem to find any place to learn from :/