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Network Diagnostic Tool

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Riot tmx

Live Services Manager - Europe


After the migration of EUW platform and game servers some players might see a suboptimal routing to our service. If you are unable to connect, experience lag or your in-game latency and packet loss is high, please download our Network Diagnostic Tool and submit your results. Our Network Engineers will analyze the traces and in some cases we might be able to help and speak to the ISP to improve the connectivity towards Riot Games services..

Please make sure that the issue you experience is permanent and constant across all of your recent games. There are multiple factors that might temporarily impact your game play (ISP and backbone provider issues, transient failure of a single game server, etc) and we want to focus on sustained degradations.


This tool will help our Live and Engineering teams to resolve existing routing problems. Please note that this is not a Player Support extension, and as a result we will not contact or update you by e-mails. Thanks for help.