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June 10th, update on Server Maintenance

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Riot tmx

Live Services Manager - Europe


I wanted to keep you all informed of how things are going and to give a summary of the whole situation.

The hardware maintenance started at 3am GMT+1 and went relatively smoothly until we re-opened the platform at 11am. At this time you guys and us noticed that there was data missing. In order to find the cause of the problem and fix it, we had to take the platform back down at 12pm GMT+1. After a full investigation we found that 3 days of match history, LP gains/losses, league changes and purchases were missing. As you can imagine, this is quite a lot of information so unfortunately it will be a number of hours before we can repopulate, test and bring the platform back live.

However, once the platform is back online there will likely be a very large login queue, which means impaired experience for what’s likely to be another hour or more. If you want more technical details on the problem, please check Terablo’s update in the official Service Status post here (http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1754790). We will continue to update the service status thread as we progress.

We know this sucks guys and we’re working our hardest to fix this for you as soon as possible. The team have been working constantly on this since the maintenance started and won’t stop until it’s done.

01:02 GMT+1 update:Ranked queues are re-enabled.

21.39 GMT+1 update:Database transfer is still ongoing. Players that had an issue with the Launcher indicating EU West as unavailable should be able to launch the game now.

18.23 GMT+1 update: The issues related to platform Chat (not in-game) not working and friends list loading slowly should now be resolved. We have identified a solution for the store options missing (Code Redeem and Server Transfer) and are aiming to apply it as soon as it is ready and verified.

16.45 GMT+1 update: We are still working on Ranked data migration, chat instability, friends list and store degraded functionalities, but we are making good progress towards resolution. We are still confident regarding the activation of Ranked Queues for the late afternoon/early evening.

13.35 GMT+1 update: We are aware of an issue with Friends Lists taking long to populate when logging in and the "Codes" tab in the Store not being available. Meanwhile, the database transfer is still ongoing.

12.15 GMT+1 update: As we currently have disabled the Ranked Queues while we complete the data transfer, summoners looking at their badge status in their current standing will see it with a Bronze icon. Please note that this may not reflect your current League and is only the defaulted badge while Ranked is down."

11.29 GMT+1 update: Ranked matches data transfer is still ongoing and based off our latest estimates, we are looking at opening this again during the late afternoon.

02.57 GMT+1 update: The platform is back up and you can now log in. Be aware of a large login queue while we filter players back into the platform. Some Ranked matches may not appear in your Match History, but the data from these games has been taken into account (i.e. LP/IP/XP changes). Transfers to and from EUW are currently disabled. Ranked queues are also disabled, and estimated time of restoring ranked play is the morning of Wednesday 11th June; we are working to restore this as quickly as possible. Any IP and XP boosts have been extended by 48 hours. Please contact Player Support if you see any discrepancies in your game statistics.

18.40 GMT+1 update: Players, to keep you fully informed, it seems unlikely we will be able to open EUW tonight.