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making the window mode smaller?

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Hi , i really want to play league of legends in a smaller window mode. i can change res but that doesnt really give me the freedom that i want. on most games that go down to window mode you can grab it by the corner and change its size freely. i want this. since i like to play games and watch a movie at the same time.
i tried a program that kind of make a spot on the screen my main screen. worked well untill i realized that i couldnt move out of that box. so i had to reboot my pc <.<

also tried keyclone to modify its size but that removes any interaction with the game. cant move, click, cast spells e.t.c.

anyone have an idea of what i can do? or should i just play the game and listen to the movies sound <3 :P

(also i know dual-monitor would fix this for me but im poor as hell so thats not really an option)
thanks in advance for any help i can get.