League of Legends Competition Ruling

Player: Konstantinos Tzortziou / FORG1VEN

Region: Europe

Date of Ruling: 12/4/2014

Subject: Fine; Violations of LCS Ruleset


In recent months, Tzortziou has exhibited poor behavior, both in solo queue as well as on community streams. This behavior included, but was not limited to, in game harassment, verbal abuse, and general in game toxicity. Tzortziou was given multiple warnings by LCS officials, and despite acknowledging his behavior, he has made no subsequent steps to improve. He has received consistently more reports than any other LCS professional player, and also has the one of the highest harassment scores in the history of the LCS.

Relevant Rules

Section 10.2.7 of the LCS Ruleset states:

If LCS or Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner's Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, LCS officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.

Section 10.2.9 of the LCS Ruleset states:

A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to the conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.


Tzortziou has continued to consistently engage in behavior which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner's Code. His tendency to engage in verbal abuse, insults and offensive behavior is unacceptable for any player (even if provoked). This behavior is especially harmful in a high-profile eSports competitor who should lead the community by example.


Tzortziou has violated the Summoner's Code in a persistent fashion, and has therefore violated rules 10.2.7 and 10.2.9, and will be subject to penalties.

Competition Penalties

Tzortziou is:

  • Fined $1000 USD