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Revive Trinkets

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Since Riot forgot about EUW once again , I want to bring a discussion from NA over here.


Hey Denizens of The Scar,

I've been working on revive trinkets this week and the functionality is all in place. Now it's time to give them a unique touch. It would be simple enough to fill stat gaps, but let's think bigger. What are some unique and interesting mechanics we can bring to Dominion? What would you guys like to see? Feel free to go nuts. Ex- "I want to turn invisible for 5 seconds whenever I hit a speed shrine." That probably won't happen, but maybe some form of it.

Current functionality: 3 revive charges with no CD.

Aside from suggestions, feel free to discuss implications of the change here too.

So what do you think about it? From my point of view it is realy time to add some new features to Dominion, since it seems to be forgotten. Everyone, who ever joined a draft-Q will agree with this. To be honest I am not realy an active Dominion player, but some of my friends play this mode nearly as much as normal/ranked games and so I play it with them from time to time.

Adding some new mechanics with map exclusive-trinkets is realy a nice idea.

Some ideas of me:

Ohmwrecker-like trinket. This item isnt seen often on SR and I dont even know, if it is part of Dominion item pool. However a trinket with this effect would be more attractive for players, as they dont have to buy it with a lot of stats, which they dont realy need.

Teamrevive trinket. So instead of making a simple revive trinket - why not making a trinket, which can revive your teammates? Give it a radius and you can revive one/all of your dead teammates within it. It would add some more strategy (as you dont just push a button and go on). Will you make a risky move and revive your teammates to conquer that point or will you die trying?

Dash trinket. Dominion is all about mobility and as we all know, most of the new champions are way more mobile compared to some older champs. A trinket, which will give you a dash could solve the problem. But it would be a bit risky - a champion like Ezreal could become even more annoying than he already is.

Thats all what comes to my mind for now, I just wanted to start the discussion on EUW. Hope Riot will look at our suggestions too.

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Dumb idea

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Señor Parsones

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I quite like the idea, I think that any passive it has would be cool to scale down on uses. So lets say, Mov speed. 15% at 3 charges, 10% at 2, 5% at 1 and none when its all used. Makes for some cool decisions on whether getting up faster now is best in the long term.