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Would you like new game modalities like these?

Yes, new modalities are cool 4 100%
No, not interested 0 0%
Voters 4 .

new game modalities ideas: ONE FOR ALL / TAG TEAM and others on Dominion

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Would you like a new game mode, or you are not interested?
I wrote a new idea of game below. In the end of the post I wrote other smaller ideas. Hope you can like

The crystal scar is the Dominion Map. It's a circle-map with 5 towers you can conquer.
5 Towers means you can play with 5 different teams, and all team must defend his tower, and conquer the other towers of the other teams.

I suggest 2 team-modes blind-pick for 5 or 10 players (the first is solo, the second is duo queue):

ONE FOR ALL Mode: 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1
TAG TEAM FIGHT Mode: 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2

Information about the game:

Every team starts at one different tower and the purpose is to defend the own tower from the enemies.
5 different teams means that each tower has its own team.

Every team can totally die up to 15 times.
The team will also lose if its tower is completely conquered from other players
and they are not able to capture any other tower before they die.
Towerless team will not lose instantly the game but these players WILL NOT respawn after death.
If the towerless players are able to capture a tower before they die, they will respawn at the new tower and they are not defeated. Instead, if they die still towerless, they will lose the game.

When a team is defeated, the players of that team will start to spectate the match but they won't be able to fight anymore the "living" players.
A defeated player is summoned as Ghost (like Mordekaiser's ultimate). The ghost can roam in the map and move freely, just for fun, but can't kill or farm players still in game. Ghosts can fight other ghosts, read below.

Read the following. I think It's very cool and funny, even if you lost the game, you can still have fun and play, try a different build and a different gameplay:
Ghosts of different defeated teams can fight themselves for fun (without that, players should be bored when waiting). They will spawn in random locations and they have 15 seconds of respawn time when killed again from other ghosts.
A ghost can still purchase items (when out of combat or dead). Ghosts can purchase items for free.
(Ghosts can build what they want, try items, then change build without wait.. it's cool)

Living players can see ghosts and ghosts can see living players, but they can't interact between them.

The team who destroys a tower or defeats a team, acquire the tower of the defeated team himself istantly. If a team lose all towers will lose, but a team with more towers can lose a tower without losing the game unless it has got at least 1 tower.
It will stimulate players to act in first person, instead wait different teams will kill themselves alone.

Each tower creates minions every few seconds.
Minions will push the lane in both the directions, up and down.
Minions can't finish the capture on enemy towers, but can capture the tower for the first 25% only.
Minions who kill champions, will give the kill to the minions' team and the dead won't do executed.
Minions will defend their tower if under attack.

How to win a game?

The team that will stand for last will win the game. Conquering enemy towers and killing enemies will give bring you to the win. Care the map for ambushes of different teams.
If a team is going to lose the match for first, you can also try to steal the "team deafeat and acquire the tower, stealing it to an other team".

If players of a team will die 15 times, they will be deafeated.
Their tower will be won by the first team who will capture the abandoned tower.

If players lose their tower, they will be defeated. The tower will be given to the team who captured it. Different teams can't try to capture the same tower in the same time. Towers can't be captured if there are different players in the area.

Where players will spawn? How it works the respawn?

In the standard dominion map, behind each tower there's a place where you can take one health.
Health points won't exist where players respawn.
In this place each player will respawn, obviously behind his own tower. After a player respawn, he will be untargetable for 5 seconds or unless he attacks an enemy target(so enemies won't be able to camp other players at their respawn and kill them again).
The respawn time as always will be bigger late game, and shorter early game.

Healings on this map
You can not recall to the base when playing this mode, so you can not be healed (as in ARAM).
You can be healed from lifesteal effects, health regen, spellvamp, and healing skills.
You can pick up health from the map, as you can do in the Dominion. Health doesn't exist behind towers, but only in the center of the map.

IP and XP Rewards

The team that will lose for last will be placed 2ND. You get more XP and more IP if you win the game, the last team gets no IP, the other teams get less IP (all depends on their placement).
The winner team will win a normal amount of IP, plus bonus IP like if they're using an IP boost. The winner team so gets double IP. It's ok because just 1 team of 5 will win this.

Summoner Spells and Items

Only avaiable spells of the Crystal Scar. Same about items.

Riot could pick some of these ideas and put on different kind of games, It's not a problem.
With some changes It could work also on the Summoner's Rift (5vs5 with a defined number or respawns: "the team with 30 kills wins the game" or something like that)

Other ideas:

5 vs 5 Elimination (Summoner's Rift)
Each player can respawn only 5 times. After 5 deaths the player will not respawn.
How to win? Eliminate enemies or kill the Nexus.

4 vs 4 TAG TEAM (Crystal Scar)
Each team starts with 2 towers. The TOP tower is neutral. Same rules of the ONE FOR ALL I wrote up.
How to win? Capture all the towers.

3vs3vs3 TAG TEAM (Crystal Scar)
Same thing as above.

Elimination (ARAM)
Can be 5 vs 5 (or less players).
Players won't respawn more than a fixed number.
How to win? Eliminate enemies or kill the nexus.

Slaughter Mode (Summoner's Rift)
Players will start their game at level 18. Players can buy items for free.
This game mode allow people to make exercise on teamfighting, without the lane phase.
Start the game full build and level 18: only teamfights.
Towers's health, defense and damage are greatly increased for the first 10 minutes of game.

If you like something I wrote, please comment, rate or bump this post.

If you think you can suggest something I can change, don't hesitate to let me know, I will edit and change bugs/errors/issues and other things as I can.