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Hide And Seek

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Hey there summoners
Okay so here is the Rules for Hide and Seek, in Dominion.

General Rules!
- This is a 5v2 Game, 5 Hiders, and 2 Seekers.
- The objective of the game is Of course, to Hide And seek.
- If you just saw the Thread and Though hey this is funny, just Ask me for the rules!
- All hiders have 5 lives!
-ThornMail and GA, are banned for both Hiders And Seekers.
- If Hiders break the rules, Seekers will have 3 more minutes.
- If Seekers break Rules, Then They will have 3 less minutes.

Banned Champions.
- For both Hiders And Seekers: Kassadin, Evelyn and

- For hiders Teemo and Shaco is banned (due to his stealth, even with Oracle he will be hard to find)

Rules For Seekers.
- 1x Rylai, or 1x Frozen Mallet until, 25th minutes, where you are allowed to buy 1x Rylai or 1x Frozen Mallet more.
- Oracle Extract, IS banned until the 15th minute.
Sekkers SHALL return to their base when under 200 health until 20th minutes, all else Hunting is at own risk. And after 20th minutes, you SHALL recall when under 300 health.
- Seekers MAY not leave base until 2 minutes, of play time. (due to Hider shall, have time to hide)
- Seekers may only have 1 ClearVision, as summoner spell.
- Seekers MAY NOT camp Hider, thats just Respawned.

Rules For Hiders.
- A hider may ONLY use CC abilities. (SILENCE, BLIND, SLOW, STUN, ROOT, THROW, CAGE, FEAR, TAUNT, GRAB, MOBILITY, SHIELDING or HEALING). Skills that provide VISION or DMG ONLY ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY POINT. Neither are combinations that lead to any of the named things, such as brand or kennen stuns. (Not allowed)
- Hiders may NOT auto Attack, at any point of the game. (ofc we see through a fail or two) (Unless it is udyr's Bearstance Attack, then he can hit ONCE, and then run.)
- Hider may not group up in bushes, more than 2 at a time.
- If there already are to Hiders in a bush, He's not allowed to go into a bush with 2 people already.
- Items that DO provide CC, Slow or DEFENSIVE stats, are banned.
- When a hider dies, he SHALL buy when dead, Not when he spawns, this will provide 3 ekstra minutes, for seekers.
- Rylais, DO NOT make ANY spell, castable, that dosent have CC in it.

What Should i do when im Dead?
- When you are dead, you shall simply, just stay at base, until the game ends.
I will be bored then?
- yeah if you stay ingame and Watch...
- Thats why if i die, i always, play Playstation, Go on facebook, or just play a nother game Etc.
- And hiders, Of Course die, when the have lost all 5 lives!

My rules, to have less Trollers.
- I am running, a blackList, Wich Means, that if you troll, or ruin the game in other ways, i will Write you down, and prevend, you from playing with me, and in my games.
- The time, on the BlackList, depends, on what you have done.
- all in range, from 1 game, to Permanent ban.
- If any Hider, helps the Seekers. The Seeker, Team will have Another 3 minutes. (Of Course Seekers, shall not be punished, becuase someone from Hiders, ghosted them.