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Support/Tank Guide (on high ELO) by Shopov

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Hi There again.
I didnt write a post maybe since half an year , but here i am back.
Today I will discuss Support/Tank role in Dominion.
From my personal expirience nearly 95% of the players playing support/tanks did nearly everything wrong.So for easier following of my idea, i shall explain it in details.

What a Support/Tank MUST do to be 100% effective.
1. To protect the carries and CC everything.
2. To Tank as much damage as possible.
3. To Initiate all fights if possible and to protect the "Top point" (as main priority).

Yes they all seems logical and more as OLDnews but believe me, if you start to observe the support/tank players, you shall see that they barely did 1 of these 3 things.
So the guide will follow these 3 Goals and discuss them , so you my friend can be better and usefull as a Support/Tank player and on the end of the game when Victory shines, you could say yourself - "Damn we won cuz of me. And it will be the truth."

Lets Begin.

1. How to protect everything.
- First thing is to chose proper Support/Tank. Most of the champions are better at Tanking, others are better at supporting. So you must find the best ballance for yourself.
For me, these champions are as they follows:
-Taric (The only champion that can protect everything)
-Leona / Rammus / Alistair (The only champions that can Tank everything)
-All others
The item build which i shall discuss later in the guide is same to Taric, Leona and Alistair.

From now on i will concentrate more on Taric ( as my personal choice for the best Tank/Support).
Dont get me wrong but i think that the champion must protect more than tanking damage. Because every non retard player will focus the carries first and here is where taric shines.

2. How to be their target and survive in the same way.
The build i shall share with you is the absolute perfections of Price/Quality and it applies on nearly all tanks/supports.

-Offense - 4 (On Sorcery 5%CDR) <- absolute must
-Defense - 23
-Utility - 3 (On Fleet of food) <- 1.5% Movement speed (Yes you must be everywhere so it is a must)

/Rune Page/
-Red - Mpen
-Yellow - HP/lvl
-Blue - MagicResist/lvl
-Quints- MagicResist/lvl

( So i will fastly explain why you concentrate all you runes on Magic resist / lvl . It is quite simple , because MR is the harder resist to stack , the items simple gives less MagicResist than Armor. With this Rune Build you even must not take any special Magic resist Item. Haveing only negatron cloak will give you total 150 MR which is more than enough for total cost of 720g.)


Something very important about the build you shall see. YOU must collect it in the exact same order because this makes you in the same time stable and tanky through the entire game from early minutes to late game.
The build contains 3 esential items: Locket of the iron solari , Boots of Lucidity (CDR) , Iceborn Gauntlet.The most important thing is to reach 40% CDR as fast as possible. With this build you have 30% on 4th minute and 40% on 6-7th.

-Boots , Red ruby , Mana crystal , HP pot
-Boots-> Boots of Lucidity , Mana Crystal -> Glacial Shroud (30% CDR)
-Red Ruby -> Locket of the iron solari (40% CDR + Shield Aura)
-Glacial Shroud -> Iceborn Gauntlet (Slow + bonus dmg on hit)
-Giant belt + Negatron Cloak (Final boss stage) , your stats here are usually 3000+HP , 200 Armor , 180 Magic resist.
-From this point, the items are situational ( But best choices are to turn Giant belt in Sunfire Cape and Negatron cloak in Odyns Veil

3. How to be a Final Boss

The really hard part starts now. I will simplify it as much as possible in the following steps.

1. You must always keep in mind that "even if you die in the battle , your team will win". This is maybe the most important thing. If you think this is a bull**** take a look at my profile i think right now i have like 3 or 4 games with tank supports. And see my ingame stats. Than chose for yourself.
2. As a Tank you have exactly 2 positions on the map:
-When you are defending - protecting top point. ( You do this ONLY if your teammates are coming to defend too and you are less on number.)
-When you are on offense you must be with your team and initiate all battles.

I think it is simple enough

Now at the end of the guide i shall give just some bonus tips about Taric and why he is the best champion in my opinion.If you make the upper build than you shall achieve a champion that gives the following things to the team:
- 20-40 Bonus Armor Aura (From W)
- 20 Magic resist bonus Aura (From Locket)
- 300+ healing on champion (From Q)
- Bonus Damage Aura (From R)
- Minus 20-40 enemy armor Aura (From W)
- Slow on hit (From Iceborn Gauntlet)
- 200 Shield Aura (From Locket)
- Direct STUN each 4 seconds (From E and because of item builds 40% CDR)

Now my friend, think if there are any other champion that can benefit so much on the team.

Some information about me. Unfortunately most of the people beleaves in numbers and facts so here is my win/lose dominion ration ( Yes i am playing only dominion on tournament level since its creation )
Fortunately lolmatches.com were recently updated so we can say the upper numbers are up to date.
I Hope i helped on many players with this guide.
Good luck all.

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Re Boniak

Senior Member


I play tanks in dominion and I completely agree with this guide, wp. Going full tank can really destroy games.

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Well done Shopov, really like that guide.

This is the perfect description of how i want my tank to be

Unluckily u cant give people gameplay expirience or the knowledge of the right calls, but for everyone who want to play some dom with good players and get some of the expirience i recommend to add me (maybe even shopov).

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Lisas Tuk Tuk

Junior Member


I have a shorter guide which worked perfectly for me:

spam miracle pig aka 24/7 permafreeze seju, gg


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Of Course Jesusz

Add me with Yasuo bot and have a free win?!

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Lisas Tuk Tuk

Junior Member



Krayer, Master of Yasuo Bot, but only if you get my 24/7 knockups