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Queue times

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Junior Member


I quite enjoy Dominion, been playing it on my new acc as I forgot the login for my main. Been pretty fun. Usually the queue takes ~20 mins, been in queue for a collective time of 2.5 hours now, still not a single match.

I can't tell if the queues for dominion are off, or if they're literally THIS bad. Why bother even having this gamemode if you have to wait more than 1/4 of the time most people are awake?

I cancelled the queue and restarted it a couple of times, though twice it lasted for more than 40 mins with still no pop. One even went over an hour, which apparently just rolls it back around because the timer can't go above 59:59.

So basically my question is: Are the queue times always this awful? Will they improve as I level or is the gamemode essentially limited to 1 match per day?

Edit: Just got a queue pop. So 2.5-3 hours seems to be accurate and not just a server issue. Anddd.. it's a 4v5. Oh how I love this game.

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It gets better once you are lvl 30. Still...if you get a high mmr or whatever is used, then you will still get long queue times as there are not many players at that lvl.