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Leona Map Specific Balance

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Leona is considered a tier 1 champion by many people. She's a ton of fun to play and easily the best tank for Dominion. She's also one of the tanks that actually has a kit that feels like it really fits a tank. While I don't want her to be nerfed, since I find her a ton of fun to play, I realise that she might need some map specific balance.

So... what parts of her can be nerfed without changing what's fun about her? The core to Leona should be a really tanky champion with lots of cc. Nerfing her cc, cooldowns, or durability is thus not a very good idea. Her passive is also a very interesting ability, since it forces her to co-operate with her team to work. This leaves one thing, damage. Yes, cutting down her damage might be a good idea.

Her pushing ability isn't that great as it is, and we don't want to nerf it too much, so I suggest against nerfing her W too much, and to some extent her E.

My suggestion: Decrease Q damage for all levels by 15. Decrease W damage by 10. Decrease E damage by 10. Decrease R damage by 50. These changes would cut down some of her excess damage, leaving her much more reliant on her team in order to win fights. And that's fine. Nerf her cooldowns or durability or cc and you risk destroying what makes the character fun. Nerf her damage and she'll still be Leona, just with a little less damage and duelling power.