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Dragonblade Riven

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TCG IceLance

Junior Member


Riven has to be my favorite champion so far in league. i purchased Dragonblade Riven and thoroughly enjoy it, but i have an issue with it. her blade when the ultimate is cast doesn't look amazing as all the other skins she has. i personally think it needs updating to look visually beautiful; the blade does not look right to me, as i said i personally love her and her skin it is just i do not think the ultimate's blade doesn't suit the standard of the skin.
Either enlarge the blade slightly, or change the style or anything to make it stick to the theme, but make it keep to the high standard we're used to.
the splash art is amazing but the blade from the art compared to in-game doesn't compare well.
Comment if you agree/disagree and why :3

TCG IceLance