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Have this fixed your launcher/patcher stuck problem?

Yes 42 20.79%
No 160 79.21%
Voters 202 .

HowTo "Launcher Stuck at 33/66/99%"

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Junior Member


Abstract AIz:

Then head back to the RADS folder and navigate to downloads > release > live > projects Delete all the folders and files you have in the projects folder (You shouldn't have any files though).

There is no such Folder named release in the downloads Folder,
The only solution i figured out for me so far is to repair the client.
Repair helped me fixing the 99% Stuck with Patch 5.3, else reinstalling might help.
The tons of solutions round the Internet do not really work, i tried too much so far

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this is like a temporary fix for a permanent problem .... every third time I launch, this comes up,it keeps calcuating diffferences at 33% percent no matter what I do. Sure reinstalling of patches do work, but having to do this every 3rd time I launch, while it also takes at least an hour or two to do so?
Rito fix pl0x