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Hide and Seek rules

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This game mode was not invented by me but together with some friends we made some changes to the rules and banned some champions to balance the game-mode and secure fun.
It's played on the DOMINION map in DRAFT MODE.

Most important Rule
If a player is named Michael he is always wrong, so don't listen to him because he is a "Lügenbold"

General Rules
-The objective of the game is to hide and seek
-If you don’t know how to play past this, just ask
-Hiders get 5 lives and the game lasts 40 minutes
-Any side not sticking to the rules loses 3 minutes (means if the seekers misbehave the hiders have 3 minutes less they need to win the game by surviving

Banned Champions
Play what you want 'cause a pirate is free,you are a pirate!
If a Jona is in one team, the other team is not allowed to play Warwick!

Seeking Rules

-Seekers are allowed 1 Rylais and 1 FM on the team but aren’t allowed the second until 25 mins
-Oracles, lightbringer and hextech sweeper are banned until 15 mins
-Seekers must return to their base BELOW 300 HP, but also have to get the chance to do so
-If a seeker does not return to his base BELOW 300 HP then none of the kills he assists in or gets do not count toward hider lives
-If a seeker does not return to his base BELOW 300 HP the hiders may kill him after a short period of 3 seconds
-Seekers may not leave their base untill 2 minutes into the game, while "their base" counts as the area where enemies get hit by the fountains laser
-The seekers may only have 1 Clearvision as summonerspell

Hiding Rules

-A hider may not use an ability unless it provides CC (SLOW, STUN, ROOT, THROW, CAGE, FEAR, TAUNT, GRAB), MOBILITY, SHIELDING or HEALING. Skills that provide VISION or DMG ONLY ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY POINT. Neither are combinations that lead to any of the named things, such as brand or kennen stuns. (Not allowed)
-No more than 2 hiders may hide together. This is to stop the popular group and run tactic.
-If there are 2 hiders in a brush together a third is not allowed to join them even being chased
-Any item that doesn't give movement, cc or defense is banned
-Hiders are allowed to hide anywhere outside the paved area of either base.
-Hiders may not auto-attack (even to heal) unless it is cc (udyr bear stance) and even then only once.
-Once a hider dies, they may buy until he respawns at which point he has to write in the "./all" the exact time he respawned and has 30 seconds from then on to leave the base and hide.
-Hiders get 30 seconds upon spawning to hide.
-If a hider fails to leave base within 30 seconds he looses a life and is immediatly huntable.
-Rylais does not legitimize a spell.

Hiders who are out

-Hiders are out when they have 0 lives left
-If a hider is out, he is not allowed to affect the rest of the game and may leave or stay afk in his base
-When a hider is out he MUST stay in his base
-Out hiders may not buff hiders who are not out
-Out hiders may not CC or Dmg a seeker

Anti-troll Rules

-games operate by a blacklist
-If you get on the blacklist you won’t be able to play in any of my games
-If you are on the blacklist you cannot get off
-All trolls and some hardcore ragers get put on the blacklist
-If a troll disobeys the rules and assists the hiders who are still in, the game gets +3 minutes
-This includes capping points
• If this happens once the opponents automatically win the game
-After 5 Trolls the Trolling Team looses instantly

Champion specific rules for hiders:

-any champ played by a Michael
"Q","W","E","R" are NOT allowed

Other Champions will follow soon....

This is our Version of HIDE and SEEK, special thanks to Syntax Error 666, Gentleman Boto and all the others who helped us defining these rules...
Since we got to this game mode through the User "Tuxedo Clank" we would all like to thank him at this point and ask for a thumbs up, to secure the popularity or HIDE and SEEK in LoL.