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ANNOUNCEMENT: League of Legends fanmade Mangaproject "HIRO - Tales of a gutsy Yordle"

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Hello everyone!

My name is Olli, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany Berlin. Like all of you, I am a enthusiastic League of Legends player and it's also my favourite game. Furthermore, I am a self-taught webdesigner and talented artist, as my friends and family say.

Together with a friend, we want to create a fan made LoL-related Manga/Comic.

With this post, I'd like to officially announce, that this project has now started!

So, first of all, I would like to introduce you to our concept and hopefully you'll ask a lot of questions, which we are looking forward to answer!


Our goal is to publish a manga/comic related to LoL-Universe. Which means, you'll see a lot of elements you know from the game/lore. But more important, we want to create another perspective with new and fictional elements, events and of course characters. The main protagonist's name - as you may already know - is "HIRO" and he is a Yordle. We picked the name "Hiro" because it sounds like the English word "hero" - and yeah, Hiro is the hero

Also we would like to interact with our future fans and plan to continue the story with their help, ideas and suggestions. I want to mention, that there is no script yet. We have a rough idea of the story, but we would like also like to improvise and grow with the influence of our readers.

Each chapter is going to have between 10 and 15 pages.

In the first chapter we'll introduce you to Hiro and his background story...

Overall, the story is about Hiro and his adventures.

I hope you can understand, that I am not going to spoil a lot about the story to keep it interesting.


The inspiration of this manga comes from probably the most successful Shonen Manga "NARUTO". I am huge fan of Naruto and since the 2nd season I am watching almost every episode weekly. We will use a lot of material from Naruto, but we won't copy. It's just like our "role model" and guide.


The first chapter will be released on 15th February 2014. The reason we planed this date, is because we are just 2 people working on this project - but we are looking forward to find other people who would like to support us.


Yes we have! Here is our promotion cover and a first sneak peek of Hiro http://imgur.com/bBtDOlG We hope you like our characterdesign and we would love to get any opinions and ideas.


Feel free to ask in this post. I'll try to answer any question asap.


Thank you for reading this post. We really hope you like our idea and also we are hoping for your support! Please follow us on our facebook-page, where you can find any information about this project, updates and chapter releases!


Best regards!

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It's a fine art, hardly waiting to see first chapter