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77 deaths record in ranked game!!!

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Mercurys A Moon



77 DEAETHS IN ONE RANKED GAME! (http://www.mediafire.com/view/sqcswsa7aydcw1s/77+deaths+in+ranked+as+pro+addict%21.png)

also look what my teammate did, between us we had 120+ deaths imagine if all 5 ppl do this every game ranked is ruined hahaahhahahah awesome stuff, no? XD

i honored a few ppl this game, it was a pleasure to play, and yasuo 52 kills is most ive seen someone else get killcount also. some people were upset especially mf and fiora who had everything stacked against them thanks to me and ashe haha XD

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Senior Member


Wrong placement of topic. but oke..what a FAIL