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Invalid username/password combination

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Community Coordinator


The problem most of you are having is related to not being able to login while our new login queue is enabled (the invalid password error doesn't actually mean you have the wrong password, it's just what happens when you can't reach the queue at all). The reason this problem comes and goes so mysteriously is because when we turn the login queue off the problem goes away. So far I've seen two main causes of this problem:

Properties file
Some of you have properties files that do not match the current version of the server you are using. In order to login, you must have the correct properties files in your League of Legends folder. This means installing the proper client (NA or EU) of the game from our website, or at least ensuring you have the following content in your lol.properties file in Riot Games\League of Legends\Air:

NA version:

EU version:

Some of you have the correct properties file, but I believe you are unable to resolve the hostname of our login queue URL. The steps below should help troubleshoot. We are very interested in determining the reason why you can't connect through the login queue, but before we fix anything we need to understand what is unique about your situation.

If you're certain you have the right version of the properties file installed, confirm you’re using the right username and password by logging into the website. Check to make sure you still can’t login to the game.

Visit Login queue with IE
Next, try to visit the URL of our login queue using Internet Explorer (not any other browser):

You should see a message about the status of the login queue. If you can’t reach that website in IE, try to visit the site in another browser. If you still can’t see the message in another browser, it means you’re most likely experiencing a connection problem with our login server and you’ll want to try troubleshooting your internet connection:

Things you should try:
-Resetting your modem
-Releasing and renewing your IP address
-Resetting winsock
-Using public DNS servers
-Adding the appropriate login queue URL to a list of exceptions on network security software

If you can’t visit the site in IE, but you CAN visit the site in another browser, something is most likely wrong with your IE/Windows settings.

Things you should try:
-Resetting internet settings in Internet Explorer
-Reinstalling IE8
-Set your Windows internet security level to medium or medium-low
-Clear IE temporary internet files

If you can visit the website in IE but still can’t login, it means something is probably preventing access between the client and your operating system or appropriate network settings.

Things you should try:
-Adding lol.client.exe as an exception on any firewall or anti-virus software
-Resetting internet settings in Internet Explorer
-Reinstalling IE8
-Installing any available Windows updates
-Installing any Adobe updates via Adobe Updater
-Reinstalling League of Legends and/or Adobe Air

If you have tried all of these troubleshooting steps and still cannot login, please continue to post the following:
-Air logs from Riot Games\League of Legends\Air\Logs
-The contents of your lol.properties file in Riot Games\League of Legends\Air
-The URL of the results of this network diagnostic (please don’t paste the results, just the URL after it finishes will do):

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Senior Wrenchman


Sticky this please.

Edit: Thank you!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For Mac users: http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=132051

Step 4 & 5 in this guide should get you through!!

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Monsieur Chat

Junior Member


Phew, i thought i got hacked or something.

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Junior Member


I cannot login (username/password error).
Did all the steps.
Can see the message in IE8.
Can see the message in other browsers as well.
Can login with the same login/password to forums - but it doesn't work in-game.
I was able to login earlier today and from that time nothing changed on my part - I didn't even restart my computer since than, no new software installed etc.

My lol.properities file: (please note it's in a different folder than the one specified - I'm using new Riot patcher not the default one)




My log:

My network is without issues so posting anything Netalyzer seems rude because it implies that somehow it fault may be at my end, but here you go (btw it takes ages to run):
permalink: http://n5.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/restore/id=3210a1cd-32229-e09d2598-0f0b-4de9-b110/rd

PS. Can login now. I'm leaving the post here tho - I've tried to login few times and I'm sure I didn't mistype my password, so there had to be some issue with servers.

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Senior Member


Didn't work at all ...

BUT then i copied the "air" folder from my friend which lives in the same house, and which didn't had the problem at all .... 1-1 ... did work perfectly!

Also reinstalling did not work, it occured a problem with the patch, so i just copied the patchfiles from my friend ... worked...

Best solution for LOL Problems,... have a second client which (hopefully) works perfectly and then copy to main client ... lol <.<


nah didn't worked at all ... i came into the game, could see and invite friends, could actually choose hero, but when it came to starting the game it failed to connect, though i shutdown firewall ... nice .. now im redownloading and start the process all over again <.<

i'll update as soon as possible ... ah also http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/ doesn't work! (i have ie9)

does lol only work with ie8 ?


done the netalyzr thing with google chrome (since ie9 closed the connection to the site for some reason)


EDIT3 - Final Chapter:

Solved the problem through REDOWNLOAD & REINSTALL (strange but it worked actually -- at least freegame i could start, now letz see normal game)

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Sneaky Rafiki



Thank you poster, first idea fixed mines <3 :P by that ofc meaning editing the lol. properties file, ill try a game now, ill report back if it all works okay

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Senior Member


Am not whining or what so ever. But I'll provide my details.
In short details: (excuse if im not typing propely, just want to type fast. It could help riot..lol who knows.

played today ( this night at 28 march ) all was fine,.I did an reboot on my system, since then the error accurd. (so between several minuts)

Things like. Reset modem, or renew ip adress (how is that possible, I got a real IP/host/provider, but did refreshed my local Ip to modem/router(changed it)). So thats not it

I see all 'scripts' or 'code' by riot in code. I do not want to go any further on that. But its sure is confusing, for the most of us.

- I dont see how IE version x. has anything to do with logging into the browser/game.
- I dont see how, its explained we might of had/have alert folder by using some sort of client. or .. dunno what else is there. I for 1 didn't used anything. I downloaded from you guys. Am using it ever since. NO addons what so ever.

Seems fixed. I've killed the launcher not by normaly closing it. But I've killed the LoL brower all to gether with a simple "ctrl alt del, selecting the riot/lol browser" I have theb reloaded the brower. And the pass works.

hope that this info help, not just for players, but also for riot. Thats what its about, right. They are here for us.

hope i can buy a new skin now, since my tryout Lol loads with pass login.

note: It worked for me (working under windows xp sp2, but seems the same on w7) just kill the laucnher with task manger. wait a sec or 3 a 10 *depends how fast ur pc is) and reload the browser. should be ok.

Could be my pc, or the servers are fixex by riot. Thanks riot.<3

either, try the options

-I've cleared all my cash, memory, rebooted. Even tried a clean install on a 'slave pc' The prob remains.

I dunno what to do, But maybe I've helpt you.

P.n I can not change my REAL IP adress, only local I'm from holland and using ZIGGO. THat means. my IP is always the same by browing the net. No way to resset that, unless it takes 3 months with no internet. And sorry, thats not worth it

ps I am note sure what all the codes/scipts where on the first post. But, no offense, thats kinda lame to us noobies... who dont use/exploid/ or know them.

But i'm sure its fixed. Bah was so hoping for a game now.

Keep up to good work tho. (secrectly i think its a bug... since you guys made all servers working togethers, iffrom euro of usa.. the us/euro could be "misunderstand log in"

ps.2 i hate joining on euro server.. and being connected to an usa server having 200 ping.
I hope you guys will not continue this.

Thanks for reading

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Senior Member


oops... sry wrong language...

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Junior Member


i had all this wrong now it says when i log in iam level 1 with no champions or anything and i dont know what to do to fix it:S haha this game man! now it says all the time before a game on my secound account that the launcher has experienced an error.pleae restart this application why? please someone help ive also sent £25-£30 on my old account dave2421 laos i cant even send a email to you because it keeps saying vista does not support them kind of emails so i can send one with the information either so iam really stuck for what to do if i cant get my account back is there a chance of getting the RP on my secound account if thats just easier tbh is it ever going to be fixed if it cant be id be happy to get the Riot Points to be put over to my 2nd account but i guess tht will never happen

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Senior Member


Gj riot and i had this bug for a year for my old acc..