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Catch the Leblanc!

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Pretty simple special eddition to catch the champion.
Only Viable on Dominion

#1 Leblanc is allowed to snare

#2 No banned champions

#3 Leblanc must be killed 3 times or defended untill 15 minute mark

#4 Loseing team MUST surrender

#5 Enemy team members (Who are not LB) are aloud to attack each other

#6 Leblanc cannot use the outside of the jungle

#7 No recalling for either sides

#8 Give leblanc a Quadra or a Pentakill when you are finished (Win or loss)

#9 No capturing points

#10 Outside of the area is forbidden

#11 Leblanc's headstart is from the start to 2:15-2:30

Banned Item: Twin Shadows

Edit: Changed to 20 minutes and kill lb 6 times for win or defend her

If Leblanc dies your allowed to B, If she respawns you can still B but if she leaves base you cannot B

Team 1 Catches Team 2 Defends pretty simple.