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UK LAN Tournament 21/12/2013

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Hi Guys,
We have recently opened a LAN center in Coventry (UK) and wanted to host another event this side of Christmas. After discussion and suggestions from attending members of our local community we decided to kick it up a notch and invite anybody that would like to come down and the game of choice was LoL.

So if you fancy it bring yourself, friends or team down on 21/12/2013 to compete in this tournament.

Tournament rules, application & prizing:
Standard 5 vs 5 summoners rift single elimination (winning team progress to next bracket)
Start time will be 12 noon
Finish time will be until a winner emerges
The winning team will receive £500 cash

To register your interest head over to:

Please note that we will need at least 8 confirmed teams in order for this event to take place and offer up the £500 prize.