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Free For All Mode! NEW MODE?

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Potatis Barn

Junior Member


Hello LoL Community! I have a suggestion about a new mode, which takes place on the Dominion map! I'm not that good on English, so there's probably some weird stuff in the text.

I have a suggestion about a Free For All map. 5 players and no teams. This is something that I wrote on Reddit, and I'm just going to copy it in here without any changes.

I would like to see the Dominion map to either get reworked, so that there is 5 spawns. Every player gets his own Nexus. (The Nexus' is in fact those things that you in the usual Dominion map take over to win)

The Nexus sends out two minion waves, just like now. To win the game, you have to take over the other players Nexus, and generate his Nexus Point, to take over a Nexus you need to right click it, just like it is now. The Nexus points will slowly tick down for the enemy, while you slowly takes over it. I'm thinking about getting either 1 or 2 Nexus Point each second. For the enemy to stop this process, he has to right click on the Nexus, stand there for 5 seconds, and after that the Nexus Points will slowly return again.
Also, if take over anyones Nexus fully, you will gain the Nexus, so that you have 2 Nexuses.
You start at level 3, so that you can choose more then only those Early Game Champions.
Thx for me! Please upvote so every1 can see!

/Potatis Barn

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Senior Member


how do you purchase items, I wonder? You'll be stuck defending a lot.