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Matchmaking at late night hours? How?

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Hello. First of all, this is not a question that would change much for me. However, in comparison to SR normals, it's not a pointless question, since it only occurs in dominion.

I play dominion on some accounts, some of which happened to have quite a high mmr. (Times when you could check it with lolmatches). They still got the same level of mmr because I play with people that I meet in dominion a lot. The thing is... DURING THE DAY. At night while queue times are sad, matchmaking seems to be a whole different story.. in a bad way. It's completely common to have an average platinum 1 team vs an average bronze III at night. I know it's other mmr, not this for dominion but it's so obvious it's painful.

At day = all mostly revive, 0 afk, 0 troll, 0 checking new stuff, 0 verbal abuse
At night = report for revive, 2-3 afks, much troll, ap lee sins, toxic beyond whatever, random bronze people

I already avoid playing at night but just for my peace of mind: Does matchmaking in dominion has a limit, that when reached, adds random people even when they don't fit??

Much love if anyone from Riot could answer as it's a technical question.
I would like to know if I should avoid night games at 100% rate. Cheers

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I am intered, too.
I think THIS is the case.
At night, you experience3 waiting-times from 15minutes.. so it's normal, that you connect to random peoples...

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during the day, not a lot of people play domi anyway, but it is defo. much better than night time.

and in the early hours of the morning, a lot of south american people (yes) play on EUW, meaning a lot of laggers, afk;ers and generally bad play...

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what i think is that it only matters what mmr u have when there is a big enough playerpool matchmaking can choose of. when there are 1000 sr players you will most likely find someone on ur mmr. but especially in the night, there are maybe about 15 players in queue means that ur mmr doesnt fall into account. u will be matched with the people who are actually in queue.