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So my first normal on PBE...

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Hey fellow PBE'rs!
Today I got into the beta test environment!
I played my first bots game and then went into a normal. Upon joining, I called mid, then waited ten seconds and then locked in tf. Then, one of our players just connected to chat and auto locked kha'zix, even after me telling him his pc lagged so he couldn't see my message saying I was mid. He did not care at least one bit.

In game, he told me that he was going mid as he was 'diamond' on EUW. I stayed in mid for a bit and then decided to be the bigger man, going to bot lane to assist our adc. When I was bot lane, my draven and I were doing as normal. Not winning nor losing. Then our shaco jungler came bot lane and basically dived when he was lvl 4, getting the enemy a triple kill as we tried to help him.He then left the game 1 minute later.

Then later in the game, Kha started to flame us and our whole team, our top Trynda also said GG after one of us even died. Kha's flaming got super bad at the end when I told the enemy team to report him and Shaco, as we don't need people like him flaming us when all we're trying to do is help riot make the game better.

My question is, Why are people like this even on the PBR?

Just after this first game, I don't even feel like trying to test, I'm afrad that I will just find a game with people like this again.

TL;DR: Why are people who flame and leave games still on the PBE?

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Because those people literally have 20 accounts, so it takes a while before they are banned. Please report them, PBE is a zero-tolerance environment, they will be banned faster this way! :3

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Trolls are everywhere my friend. Soon the new PBE system will check your main account to verify if you are fit for the PBE. It will also choose new testers for each cycle. So, it does not allow players with multiple accounts to play.