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Fizz Feedback.

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I main Fizz for a long time and I'll give my opinion on Fizz's changes.

It's a sure thing, of course, that Riot's team that works on balancing the game has a totally different understanding of the game and they have a grounded idea of how to change the little fish,
but in my opinion, actual changes are heading in the wrong way, because the problem is not his W, I think, but the amount of dmg Q can make, after completing 2 items (Lich bane being one of them), on a 4 seconds CD.

Nerfing his W will make him the champion that can do nothing, but nothing, in lane until lvl 6-7, because his only way to be able to farm is to go all in early game and take the advantage of hp, otherwise he gets harrased and denied. If he's not able to go in, he won't be able to farm more than 2-3 creeps per wave, which makes him not being able to go in even at lvl 6, without jungle help, because he'll be at least 20 creeps behind.
*And I want to mention here that he's not like other champions that are not that good until lvl 6, let's say Kassa or Katarina, because these 2 have a ranged skill with which they can last hit or harras and play safe until 6, Fizz cannot play/farm safe, it's just not meant to.

Some people suggested that his E's CD is too low also, with which I kind of agree, for the utility+dmg it gives, but if it had more CD, he wouldn't be able to go out of a teamfight, like other assassins can do, ex: Zed's shadow, Talon's stealth, Kha's refresh etc.

So, in my opinion, his Q must be worked, not his W. I suggest lowering the AP scaling of his Q or increasing the CD.

Keep up the good work, RIOT.

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EoN Illusions

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He could no nothing in lane so what ? Look at ap nidalee, in lane from level 1 to maybe 7 or 9 she is a freekill for anyone, she can't do anything except farm because unless the ennemy is stupid she has 0 killing potential.

Fizz has absurd ap scalings, his E is totally broken 270 base damage with 75% ap ratio ? and the possibility to dodge spells ? His Q automaticly applies lichbae and W. I mean come on a W nerf wont hurt him. And don't forget his ult 450 base dmg with 100% ratio being a possible aoe knock up so assuming 900 AP dealing a max of 6750 dmg. A lot of assassins would dream of such numbers in a teamfight.

Fizz's absourd late game where he can kill carries in 1s should be balanced out by a really weak lane phase or overall early game. Because right now fizz can engage at lvl 6 and get a kill if he lands his ult, no other extremely strong lategame apc has that. Unlike other ap assassins like akali or leblanc, fizz has no pressure, he doesn't need lots of kills to snowball/be effective, he doesn't need to roam a lot, he is relatively safe in teamfights.