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i want to get on tha PBE plz Help me?

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Junior Member


i am in desperate need of a PBE account cuzz i am the only one that does not have an account yet of all my friends (like around 80) i am ready to pay for it i am in EUW so i will gift u something if u want that, then i am fine with that my e-mail is [email]NemrahAgnirev@gmail.com[/email]then we'll start a talk and make an deal

thank you in advance

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Freya Etherea



so,u want an account to be popular?
u know...asking that kind of things,specially here,are what makes riot to not open sign ups.
also selling/sharing and gifting accounts its a ban offense so if u read this note that u are can be banned for that,and whoever who give u an account.
also pbe is too much crowded and its to gather feedback and report bugs,so take that in mind before u get ur account.