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Sivir relaunch heads to PBE

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Markus Vakarian

Senior Member


so i played her a couple of times now on PBE and she worked SO well i was nearly overwhelmed:

Q - the q didn't change and gives you a good chance for lane domination
W - while i still miss the toggle (riot PLZ) the AA reset with the 3 rico's works fine with me
E - it is probably too strong without any mana costs there should be 40-60 manacosts, so that you get punished for bad shield calls
R - well i read kristophorus (i think he was written like that) approach to make it feel more rewarding and i really liked what he did cause even though her ult helps now, it doesn't feel like "yeah i pulled my ult" with the ongoing ricochet while ult is on it would be so much better (and the longer runtime on yourself)

her chasepotential after trinity force(i would not recomend it as a first item) is through the roof and if you add a PD you probably should chase singed (probably... do not try this at home kids cause this would be performed by an expert!).

the unlimited bounces on ricochet are just so nice, and give her a high reward for the right usage (though they can be stopped by a good enemy team).

to all who talk about how weak she is... try her a bit more! she is an odd champ but she works really well at the moment. She wont be a counter to every other adc but she does well what she is intended to do (i played her against twitch and other adc's you can actually win!)

well that were just my 2 cents

do you also like her low AS and single target DPS?

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Drop of Water

Junior Member


The bumerang glitch on huntress Sivir still exists.
The bumerang sticks in her chest. The red line shows a possible angle solution for it.

Huntress Sivir glitch_opt.jpg

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Junior Member


Markus Vakarian:
do you also like her low AS and single target DPS?

If i understand, Ricochet gives 3 attacks that do 100% on first target and 60/65/70/75/80% on other targets.
If we're guessing it hits 6 targets on each of the 3 attacks, that means 100*3 + 60*3*5 = 1200% Attack damage at rank 1 and 100*3 + 80*3*5 1500% AD at rank 5.
Does this not sound insane ? It's effecctivly doing the damage of 15 attacks in 3 ? I'm tired so probably forgeting something obvious, and don't have PBE account, but how does this work in a team fight ? Assumeing it's at rank 5, you hit 5 champions, you're doing 100 + 80*4=420%AD per attack, split accross the entire team !

Boomerang is still really good 1v1 but Ricochet sounds like the real deal in a team fight.
Who said she's got only single target burst ?

EDIT: How does this handle crit strikes ? If i crit on the first target, do all others take 60% of the crit dmg or regular AD? Or is each bounce independent?
I'm asking because Sword of the divine is potentially monstrous on new sivir. Can anyone try and give feedback ?