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Xerath, the Magus Ascendant Rework on PBE Today!

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Xtreme Killer12

Junior Member


Finally! A thread in EUW...
Anyway, considering the reworked q, do I HAVE to charge it longer than it's casting time atm, or will I be able to quicky press q twice and cast it?
About the spell name,
Arcanopulse should stay the same,
Locus of Power should be Arcane Strike,
Mage Chains should be Binding Power,
and I think Arcane barrage should stay the same.
Edit 1: Also about the passive, you said in the thread "Let's talk about Xerath" that it's going to give him mana regen and magic penetration that scales with his max mana did that change? Your description for it is kinda unclear.