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Old vs nerfed vs current olaf

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Will do a detailed comparative about all 3 olaf : pre-nerf, post nerf, and current

Undertow slow -
How much units gained when chasing, assuming 365 movespeed for both champions
Old -> 219/255/292/328/365
Nerfed -> 110/123/147/164/183
Current (assuming 1.5s) -> 191/219/246/273/300

We are fairly close to old chasing power, but only assuming you throw it from a decent distance. Minimal distance throws will slow target just like the nerfed version. In both cases you can see the covered distances are fairly low, meaning you must hit repeatedly to close a significant gap with your target; something which have always made Olaf tricky to learn.

Vicious strikes -
For the sake of the comparison, we will assume Olaf have level 10 base stats and no item or runes.
89 AD, 0.88 attacks per second, 1371 hp
Base dps 78
Old dps gain : 14/23/32/41/50
New dps gain : 12/21/30/39/48

The dps is fairly equivalent assuming no item. What changed however is that the old gain was dictated by health, while the new one greatly benefit from AD. Gaining 500 health would make old Olaf gain 6.6 dps at max rank. Gaining 20 ad would make the new Olaf gain 28 dps at max rank. The scaling is way higher, but can only be done at the cost of having less health.

Reckless swing -
The AD scaling difference is very minimal, but is a slight nerf in early levels when going to max this first.
The CD scaling changed the gameplay a lot. You can reach previous CD by attacking 3 times, but if you buy CDR this number decrease accordingly to a minimum of 1.8. Thanks to his high AS (max AS : 1.5 AA/s) and with the help of CDR, it is very likely that you will be able to spam this ability more than you used to in late game. However, the base CD being high, it will be less likely you will be able to proc it several times while chasing a target in the early/mid game.

Ragnarok -
Exchanged passive penetration for resistances : pretty fair trade, considering how Olaf likes to build health and deal damage with E, it is fair to assume he will shrug more damage than he would have dealt with old passive

Active effects : The ad bonus is pretty massive and scales very well with the other parts of the kit, however, loosing resistances (and not having the damage reduction anymore) makes Olaf much less willing to dive in to kill a carry. The changes in cooldown and damage will make Olaf more of a skirmisher than a real teamfighter, because his 5v5 power is now be much more limited and probably more defensive (e.g dps the closest target instead of risky diving).

To sum up : he should still be built tank/cdr, but the drastic change of W should make bruta his new early core. His late game power and damage output look better, but his ability to be extremely tanky at the same time have been tuned down. As his slow is now decent again and his late game damage is even higher, he look viable and potent even though his focus have changed slightly.

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imo he has become a kind of all-in snowballer.
if your jungler gives you a good gank or babysits you for a while, you will rock the game (or simply if the enemy played bad and you can punish him for that).
however, once he falls behind, its pretty much over for him.

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I kind of understand you can't let him go like he was previously, just stacking 2500 bonus health, throwing an axe and nuking someone being totally immune to CC and very resilient to any form of burst. I'm a bit disapointed about his ultimate stats tweaking, though. Loosing 30 mr 30 armor for 80 bonus damage is not the kind of steroid I expect from a level 3 ultimate...