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Ban for bad attitude.. My advice is: allow "spam".

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I received today a notification which said that because I had a bad day I dont have to have a bad attitude, in chase it continue I can be banned (only thing i said in the game was "good job pantheon" and "report pantheon"-because he was away from keyboard (AFK) on beginning of dominion)... well first of all i hope this will read at least one administrator of League of Legends, i have been playing this game since it was released, I always respected the rules (my account is Brocker) and I have friend who had also acc in which he invested a lots of money (Kosor1995) and he received as reward for his investment, a ban until 2048 i think, and all that bcs his attitude.. Well i must say that (i dont know for You but i know for myself) that there are players ,pardon me, so much dumb that they should be forbidden to leave their house without an escort.. And when you find yourself in that group of players you "Explode". I am against violence for sure, but people are frustrated these days and why not to allow some sword of "SPAMING" -in Your dictionary bad attitude. let people rid of their Frustration, let them spam, they cant hurt nobody physically... Greetings from country where people spam all day long heh.

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So first of all you say you were banned for one game where you wanted someone to report an afk player. Simply: No. Then you say you "explode" sometimes? No, I don't want toxic players. And btw, I know only one person who got banned and he was toxic as hell.

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They can't banned you because of one game; they summarize your behaviour in many games, and as result you got the warning.

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You will never get banned for 1 ticket. I have spent my fare share of time in the tribunal and i know. sure there is some people that confirms every ticket but i think the win/loss rate on those people are to low to make a big impact
If you flame its your own fault you get the BANZ. (its a game and should be played for fun)
You flame you lose is my rule of the game, okay you can have a bad day and get lots of losses, but don't take that out on some poor kid on the other side of the EU.

Often when i see people start flaming they lose, and its not just cause of the lack of moral it gives the team but its cause most of the people on the team stops playing and start chatting instead...
It's a quick phased game especially Dominion, 5-10 seconds standing in base writing may be the difference between seeing where the roamer goes on the mini map or the difference between defending top or not.

I hope you'll learn by your mistake.

And have a good day sir/mam