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Season 4 & The Impossible Tension between Support Income and Wards

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I've said this before and I will say it again:

- Make Ruby Sight Stone have a passive that makes wards 25 gold less expensive. It should also have a passive that makes champions who place wards gain 5g! (It could not cost much more, maybe 100 more or it wont be worth it!)

- Create an item that has give 5 gold per 10 seconds when the champion is out of combat or passively combating (healing), that item should also have mana regen per second, 200 mana and 300 health. It could also have an active option that would shield a single champion depending on level!

- Create an item to the jungle that makes you receive bonus 10g when killing big Monsters + 10% bonus damage to monsters on hit. (This should be as expensive as giving enough gold for 3 potions or more as a starting item.)

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I think it will be a nice idea to:
make wards on stock, like every 2 mins stock will refresh with new 2 normal + one vision every 3mins or something like that
make stocks on oracles too
and make refreshin system on sightstones different: every 1min one ward will refresh and it will stack in base and when u come back to base u will get the amount wards refreshed
-or make that stock personal (support can buy 2 wards per 2mins,top 2 per 2 etc...)

idk it has many possibilities but i just wanted to say that supports will be concentrating on items more cause they wont be able to afford wards,cause there are none availible.

PLUS BIG IDEA: -last support mastery "Patience is golden"
every 1minute of non lasthitting .. u will get "150" golds .. tadaa

second little idea: - make support mastery, that will increase the gold from revealing enemy wards and destroying them.

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I think if you are making 2 ward places wear you can pick up a ward and say about 50 gold. And these are spawning in start of game and spawning every 3 minutes. Then other team get free wards if we won't ward it there support will have more gold and free wards untill other team steal it

Or you could pick it up, get a free war every 4 minutes and then when killed it will be transfered too the killer.

Supports are made too help and not tkae lasthits and if they won't last hit in one minute he/she will get 75 gold/1 ward

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Seriously if you make a match making by affinity, all the support and jungle problems are gone, each role got a special power that makes it special, and it's done.

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so if you want to teach the majority of all players (face it, 60% dont even have 1200 elo) how to play the game correctly, then i would suggest a warding function on boots, because boots are something almost every player gets in a very very early stage of the match.
give one ward to boots, refills without going back to base, but boot-wards only last 1min and have a 3min cooldown. so maybe they notice (after thousands of games where they obviously didn't learn that) the importance and start buying regular wards.

we got a trinket (=warding function, with early acces to all roles)
it has a CD (="refill without going back to base&quot
trinket wards last 1min, have 2min cd

could not play for a while and saw the changes right now, but how they did it... <3 <3 <3
it really feels like they read this, did pick up the ideas behind it and improved them.

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Make deep utility good for gold income, without farming. Like the mastery is you don't lasthit the creep you get 3 to 5 gold
Only 1 gold income item per team available?