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Hello i want to say that yi is so op so he need a nerf. the best was if he deleted from the game.

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Hello, i wan't to buy hecarim! He is on sale and i have enough Riot Points but in my store can't i buy Hecarim want he is not on sale ?

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Hey Riot!
I read one of the news about the rework on some champ on Reignofgaming, and there was a suggestion there with a champ, that evolved throughout the game, so i was thinking, could it be possible with a champ that every time you took your ult , you could evolve into 3 or 4 different types, that had each their abilities, cause that would be SO cool!

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Super! Je vien tout juste de recevoir mon code pour des Points Riot!

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Since a new Nasus splash/VU is inevitable,I thought I would give some of my ideas on maybe some ability changes...

Passive - [For this I thought it would be good to go with a more tanky kind of "push" to it]
Nasus gains 1% bonus lifesteal for every 100 extra HP he gains(through masteries, runes and
items) to a maximum of 25% bonus lifesteal

Q - [I really love the Nasus Q and didn't want to change any of it, besides the animation,
perhaps he should suck out the life essence of the enemy when he gains a stack, rather than
hitting it in the face with a stick]

W - [Now, no one has a good time when caught in dat slow, do they, so maybe there could be some
sort of 'skillshot' element to it]
After channeling for 0.5 seconds, Nasus releases a cone of deadly Lotus that slow all enemies
caught in the area and dealing small amounts of magic damage to them each second for 3 seconds

E - [For me, his E just feels a bit meh, so i thought i could add to it a bit with the animation and
Nasus sends a wave of deadly energy to a target location which erupts dealing initial magic
damage in an area and reducing all enemies armor and magic resist in the area by 5 every 0.5
seconds(stacks up to 5 times)

R - [Now, who doesn't love running around as the top dog? I mean, using the Nasus ult is just
hilarious, especially when you have his current abilities, the 750 range super slow and the
AOE damage is just too iconic and I couldn't think of anything better, GJ RIOT

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Hypnotic Wo1f

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the URL to my Champion idea, RIOT you will hear off my idea one day and you will leave feedback.

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Majestic Tsunami



well okay

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Son D Hunter 67

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For those who love History, Religion, Sins and Knowlegde
Give me advices, critics, regards (XD) and tell me what do you think of it

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WEll, I suppose this is my first idea of a champ... Either way, never posted a thread before. So ill just leave it here if thats ok.

Corde, the Piltover Merc.

Corde wears typical Piltover fashion and dual wields 2 swords, roughly a broad sword look, with a bit of hextech technology, and has 2 gadgets on his hips, which shoot the grapples. He should look like a hardened person (early adult - about 26 years old) due to his role as a mercenary.


Passive - Risk and Compensation : Corde deals 10% more damage to any enemies hit from behind, this effect applies before critical damage is calculated. Corde also gains additional gold for slaying creeps/ monsters based on his level.

+2 gold lvl 1-5, +4 gold lvl 6-10, + 6 gold lvl 11-15 , +8 gold lvl 16-18

Q - Slaughter : Corde does an Area of Effect slash, dealing damage in 360 degrees, this applies on hit effects on each enemy struck. Deals bonus damage to champions struck from behind.

Kills reduce the skill's cooldown by 50%. Assists reduce cd by 20%.

Base damage: 80, 120, 180, 240, 310 (+ 1 AD) CD: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8.

W - Pursuit : Corde fires off a grapple, that hooks terain, or the first champion hit, pulling Corde towards the target. Deals no damage. Upon successull hit, resets the cooldown on "Tactical Retreat".
Being stunned while mid pull causes Corde to take minor damage if he hits terain with Pursuit.

CD: 25, 22, 19, 18, 15 s

E - Tactical Retreat : Corde fires a grapple to his rear which pulls him towards the target hit, can be used on allied champions, terain or enemy champions. Deals no damage, and upos successful hit, resets the cooldown on "Pursuit"

CD: 25, 22, 19, 18, 15 s

R - No Mercy! : Corde enters a rampage, hacking and slashing at everything in his path, performing mini "Slaughters" in a 180 degree arc in front of him. These hacks and slashes deal increased damage and Corde's movement speed is increased by 20%. Aditionally Corde loses 60% of his armor and magic resist, but becomes immune to most Crowd Control effects.
Corde also cannot use any other skills while in "No Mercy!", until the effect ends. Corde can be moved like normal while channeling.

Damage: (lucian's the culling principle)
Base dmg per slash: 40, 50, 60 (+0.5 per total ad)*0.35 per % attack speed.
150, 125, 100 sec cd.
Channel time - 5s - During this time Corde constantly moves forward at his current movement speed.

*Silence is the only CC that can stop "No Mercy!".
*Fear causes the summoner to lose control of Corde, but does not cancel "No Mercy!"

Corde is and has always been THE Mercenary for hire in the underground of Piltover, whether pulling off heists or silencing rival companies. As a hired gun, he could care less for who he works for, so long as the pay is decent, and the challenge demanding. Having a lunatic for a sister never really helped him in life, so focusing on work keeps him "sane".

In all his time as a mercenary, he has only had a single encounter with the Piltover authorities, from which he came mostly unharmed.. apart from having a small piece of him stolen. Never has he met anyone who could keep up with his pace, not even the most famous marksmen could match his speed or outwit him, so his encounter with Caitlyn left him breathless...

Now he hopes to catch her attention, with his calling cards after every job, he hopes to remind her of their "Fated" encounter. Of course, his sister uses this "weakness" to toy with Authorities, a fact which in itself does not sit well with Corde... but that's family for you.

He does his work with zealous vigor, in hopes of meeting maker, or the mistress for which he so yearns.
If you can match my pace, you deserve to try and stop me - Corde

Basic stats:
Health: 450 (+35 per level)
Mana: 300 (+40 per level)
Damage: 60 (+4 per level)
Ability power: 0 (+0 per level)
Atk speed: 0.76 (+1% per level)
Armor: 15 (+4 per level)
Magic resist: 18 (+ 4 per level)
Movement speed: 360

*Calculated the ult's dmg based on lucian's data, however, i increased the ratios due to the risks involved with the skill being a melee attack, which reduces resistance to enemy attacks. Ulti does stack with attack speed from activated items.

I used a lvl 6 basic build for a calculation:
Yomuu's Ghostblade: 15 ad + 20% crit + 15 armor pen + 40% attk spd (activated)
Berserkers greaves: 45 ms + 25% attack speed
Vampiric sceptre: 10 ad + 10% lifesteal
Thus: =(40 + ( 0.5(80+15+10)))*0.25(65)
=(40 + ( 0.5(105))* 16.25
=(40 + (52.5))*16.25
= 1503.125 total dmg over 5 sec.
The attack speed indicates the amount of slashes, thus Corde will hit 16 times over the 5 sec period.

I also didn't add mana consumption values, since this is just a basic idea, I would refine it if the idea was considered decent.

He may seem a bit op, but there are quite a few draw backs to his gameplay style, especially against a cc team...

Was also thinking of a small add-on to the mechanics in LoL, idk if there is something like it yet, but I've taken to calling it an "Anchor" system. - When Corde fires both grapples at the same time (the front grapple shoots towards cursor, while rear is complete opposite direction ) and it hits an enemy champion and a map obstruction (walls, trees, towers, etc.) he would remain "anchored", and instead pull the campion towards him. This makes both Pursuit AND Tactical Retreat go on CD.

Lemme know if it was a good idea..

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Better Than Gosu